Location(s)Ice Room
Attack(s)Head Smash, Frost Breath

Mizuchi is a boss from Okamiden who Chibiterasu and Manpuku must defeat in the Ice Room 100 years in the past. He is the protector of the Mystic Amber, an Item quite like the Serpent Crystal from Okami as it dispels the Orochi's barrier over Moon Cave. He was once the guardian of a seaside village but when the village was destroyed in a war, he deflected to the True Orochi as the war caused him to abandon any hope for mankind. He then decided to freeze himself so he could protect the Mystic Amber eternally, it was only when he smelled Chibiterasu and Manpuku that he unfroze himself to devour them. He resembles a sort of dragon.

[edit] Strategy

For the whole fight, Mizuchi will remain encased in ice. Chibiterasu must simply keep attacking Mizuchi with his Weapons until he is stunned. At this stage an icicle will appear to fall from above Mizuchi's head. Chibiterasu must Power Slash this icicle to make it fall then run to the cannon and load Manpuku into it to fire him at Mizuchi. The canon must be lit using Manpuku and when he hits Mizuchi he will deal a lot of damage. After he has taken a specific amount of damage, Mizuchi will start to raise an ice barrier. Before firing Manpuku from the canon, this barrier must be melted with Fireburst or Inferno. Eventually, Mizuchi will be destroyed and Shiranui and Ishaku will be released from ice.

Mizuchi will attack by breathing a freezing breath that forms icicles on the ground. He can roar which causes icicles to fall from the ceiling. These can be easily dodged as their shadows appear before they hit. If Chibiterasu gets too close, he will try to smash his head down on him or bite him.

[edit] Bestiary Entry

"A dragon that protects the Mystic Amber in Orochi's Ice Room. Formally the protector of a seaside village, he joined forces with Orochi when the village was razed in a war and he abandoned hope in mankind. He froze himself in ice in order to become the eternal protector of the Mystic Amber. His nostrils, however, still remain active, and will emerge from his icy hold if he gets a whiff of something delicious."

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