Moon Cave

Moon Cave
Connects ToShinshu Field
Notable Inhabitant(s)Orochi
Imp Chef Ajimi
Sentry Beasts
ItemsInferno Brush Technique
Stray Beads
Issun's Masterpieces

Moon Cave is the home of the Orochi and his Imp minions. It is found in the lake in Shinshu Field and the entrance is protected by a barrier. The Orochi's sacrifices where brought here every year to prevent further tragedy happening to Kamiki Village.
The dungeon is single tour only so you must remember to open all the Treasure Chests. The final boss is the Orochi. It is also where Amaterasu finds Moegami's constellation.

Although Amaterasu returns to Moon Cave to battle the True Orochi past the Spirit Gate she does not get to explore Moon Cave again.

The Cave contains a lot of large rooms, the most important being the kitchen where Imp Chef Ajimi is creating the Orochi's appetiser. When Amaterasu first enters Moon Cave she only has access to the Calcified Cavern which is Moon Cave itself, in order to get to the area where the imps actually are she needs to obtain the Mask to fool the imps at the gate into letting her through. After this Ajimi tasks her with finding four ingredients for the Orochi's appetiser, Ogre Liver, Lips of Ice, Eyeball of Fire and Black Demon Horn. After she helps with it's preparations she must ride up a giant elevator to battle the Orochi.

[edit] Okamiden

Moon Cave reappear as a location in Okamiden, however, it cannot be reached until Chibiterasu and Kurow travel back in time. It can be seen in the distance, however, it has been reduced to mere rubble. Even in the past, it jas changed drastically in appearance to Okami.

When Chibiterasu and Kurow visit it first, it is 3 months into the past, back when Amaterasu was battling the Orochi. In the Lake Harami, they meet a fearful Susano. They also find a drowning Kuni whom they rescue and leave at the entrance to the cave in Mika's Shrine. They start exploring the cave when Susano breaks the barrier out of his love for Kushi. During their exploration of Moon Cave, Kurow gets caught in a trap so Chibiterasu must finish exploring himself before eventually freeing him. In order to free him, Chibiterasu must find the Permission Slip, allowing him to participate in the Orochi's Training Room. After defeating five groups of Demons in a row, he becomes one of the Orochi's official guards which gives him access to a skeleton key. With this skeleton key, he can free Kurow from his wooden prison as well as freeing four other trapped people and snagging himself some Treasure in locked rooms. However, in order to get to the Orochi's chamber, they have to knock out the guard with some of the Orochi's special appetizer. Unlike Okami, where the Orochi's appetiser is made lovingly by hand, in Okamiden the appetiser is made off an assembly line. A sample of the appetiser can only be gotten by completing the head chef's wishes and retrieving the Golden Imp mask from the Orochi's treasure room. There they encounter Susano who has found his ancestor's armour. After they knock out the guard, they arrive at the Orochi's chamber and they see that Amaterasu has already defeated the Orochi but they still must help Susano deliver the final blows. It is then Kurow and Chibiterasu's duty to prevent Akuro from bathing in it's blood. A task they succeed in. However, they get caught in a time warp and get sent to Kamiki Village 100 years in the past.

Chibiterasu must make his way to the True Orochi's lair on his own, again, as Kurow leaves in Shinshu Field because of a message he receives. On his way he encounters Manpuku, a little boy trying to find his kidnapped mother, and together they explore the Ice Room which is in front of Moon Cave. Kurow returns in time to save Chibiterasu from a falling boulder however he fails to prevent Akuro from bathing in the True Orochi's blood because of this. Akuro gets reverted to his full power and then Chibiterasu and Kurow are forced to return to Kamiki village.

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