Moon Tribe

Moon Tribe
The Royal Crest of the Moon Tribe
First AppearanceOkami
DistinctionsLong golden hair, Longevity, Advanced Technology, Clairvoyance
Known MembersWaka

The Moon Tribe is a human-like race of highly developed beings that lived on the Earth's Moon. However, they were all wiped out by an unknown catastrophe except for Waka, Kaguya and Sugawara. Not much is known about this mysterious race, and it is not certain how the rest of them were wiped out.

The Moon Tribe had a very high level of technology and they were very intelligent. Gen, the most respected mechanic in all of Nippon, tells us that a lot of their strange machinery can be found in Nippon. Examples of their technological advancements are the Ark of Yamato, which allowed journey through space, and the Spirit Gate which was used for time travel. Other pieces of their highly advanced machinery found around Nippon are the Fire and Water Tablets, the tunnel to Kamui in Shinshu Field, and the Gimmick Gear.
A lot of their pieces also have noticeable markings that make them quite unique. They are slate grey in colour with odd blue designs on them.

The Moon Tribe also have extremely long life spans. They are not immortal, but they can sustain a lot of damage. As an example, Waka is hundreds of years old at the beginning of the game. They are also able to perform extreme feats of martial arts far beyond the ability of a human. Waka can fly- however, we are not sure if other members of the Moon Tribe could do that too.

Finally, their most important trait is their high level of clairvoyance and spiritual advancement. They could predict the future and the Celestials believe that they had the power to decided the future if they see it fit. The Celestials also believe that it was the Moon Tribe that decided the fate and events in Nippon. The Spirit Gate that they built there furthers this point as it had to be left there to facilitate Amaterasu's journey to the past to kill True Orochi.

The Moon Tribe was wiped out by an unknown disaster hundreds of years ago. However, Waka managed to escape on the Ark of Yamato and Kaguya was sent to earth on a rocket as a baby, but it is unknown how Sugawara escaped. Waka piloted the Ark to the Celestial Plain where he was accepted by the Celestials and the gods.. He lived there for a few years, but Orochi suddenly attacked the Plain. Waka and the remaining Celestials climbed back into the Ark, but they didn't know that Yami and his demons were waiting in the Ark to ambush them. Waka had to make an emergency landing on Earth, but it was too late. Yami had already killed all of the Celestials and Waka had now unleashed a curse and all his evil upon Earth. Waka then had to hide and wait for Amaterasu to be reincarnated, as without her, this evil could not be stopped.
Amaterasu also finds the Moon Tribe member Kaguya. She is not sure where she comes from, but she shares a bond with the moon. Amaterasu helps her find her ship and she launches herself back into space.

It is not sure what relationship the Moon Tribe had with the monsters that killed the Celestials. However Yami is seen as the source of all technology, so their advanced technology might be somehow connected to him.

[edit] Okamiden

Moon Tribe drawings

There is still a heavy focus put on the Moon Tribe in Okamiden. Two new members of the Moon Tribe, Kurow and Sugawara are introduced.

Kurow is one of Chibiterasu's partners and is very similar to Waka. This is because he is a living doll, created by Waka before the fall of the Moon Tribe. He was sent down to Nippon in a meteor to be a vessel that Akuro can not possess. Kurow travelled the world first before becoming Chibiterasu's partner, as it was his orders. He has a talisman with the Moon Tribe insignia on it which he gets messages on, but from whom is unknown. He claims he does not know who Waka is, but when exploring the Moon Tribe Ruins he constantly refers to the Moon Tribe as his people.

Sugawara is another newly introduced member of the Moon Tribe. In the events of Okamiden he is dead, however, his body becomes possessed by Akuro and he becomes King Fury. His grave can be found in North Ryoshima Coast. However by natural disasters caused by the returning evil have caused it to be destroyed. After his spirit has been released from possession, Kurow and the Lady Scholar restore it to its original splendour. It is unknown how or when he made it to Nippon, however, upon his arrival, he became a politician in Sei'an City. However, years of political fighting cause him to become bitter and hate-filled before his death.

The Moon Tribe Ruins also appear in Okamiden. Chibiterasu is forced to explore them with Kurow to rescue Gen after the excavation team is attacked by King Fury. It was used by them as a research centre. It is filled with advanced machinery and Kyokugami's constellation is met there. It did not appear in Okami, as it was buried deep underground.

In the Moon Tribe Ruins, we are introduced to Daidarabotchi, a giant celestial robot rabbit created by the Moon Tribe. Daidarabotchi is enormous and can only be controlled from a control panel on the top of its head by a member of the Moon Tribe. It created the moon; however, the Moon Tribe kept it locked up so it would not be misused after the fall of their civilisation.

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