Mr. & Mrs. Orange

Mr. and Mrs. Orange
Village Elders Mr. and Mrs. Orange
GenderMale and Female
LocationKamiki Village
FamilyEach Other (Married)

Mr. & Mrs. Orange are the elders of Kamiki Village and help out the village in every way they can. They get their names from the oranges the balance on their heads. Mr. Orange preforms the Konohana Shuffle once a year to keep the Guardian Tree healthy. During the events of Okami, Amaterasu has to help him with this duty by Blooming the Konohana Buds for him, while letting him believe he did it. Mrs. Orange lends support by baking her famous cherry cakes and doing laundry by the river. Amaterasu must also fix Mrs. Orange's clothes drying pole for her.

Their ancestors through the Spirit Gate are Mr. and Mrs. Grapefruit. However, if you Power Slash the fruit atop their house and collect it, it will be called "Kamiki Oranges", like in the present day Kamiki Village, not "Kamiki Grapefruit"

[edit] Okamiden

Mr. and Mrs. Orange reappear in Okamiden, where they are still residents of Kamiki Village. They play an even smaller role than before. Their ancestors appear when Chibiterasu and Kurow travel to Kamiki Village 100 years in the past. However, unlike Okami, their ancestors are not called Mr. and Mrs. Grapefruit, they are simply called Mr. and Mrs. Fruit instead. They wear a green fruit, resembling an unripe orange on their heads. It is Mr. Fruit that allows Kurow realise how far he and Chibiterasu have travelled back in time as he informs them about the True Orochi. Like many other residents, he even mistakes Chibiterasu for Shiranui.

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