Mr. Bamboo

Mr. Bamboo
Mr. Bamboo.jpg
Craftsman Mr. Bamboo
LocationSasa Sanctuary
Kusa Village
FamilyAdopted Daughter: Kaguya
Deceased Wife

Mr. Bamboo is known as the best Bamboo ware maker in all of Nippon and he travels all over the lands selling it. His wife is sadly deceased and his only other relative is his granddaughter Kaguya, however we find out that Kaguya is not their child. They found her in a metal bamboo shoot when she was only a baby and they adopted her. They live in a house at the very edge of Kusa Village

Amaterasu first meets him in Sasa Sanctuary where he helps to bring water back to the springs. He is also the person to give Amaterasu her first Mermaid Coin.

[edit] Based On

Mr. Bamboo is based on a bamboo cutter Taketori no Okina from the story Taketori Monogatari. This story is said to be the oldest Japanese folk story.

The story tells of how he found a small baby in a stalk of bamboo and he raised that baby, with his wife, as his own daughter, calling her, Kaguya-hime. After that every time he cut down a stalk of bamboo he found a nugget inside. Kaguya-hime was very beautiful but she would not accept the many marriage requests she received. Instead, giving the suitors impossible tasks which they must complete for her hand in marriage. However as she is not of this world, Kaguya-hime eventually returns to the moon leaving Taketori no Okina and is wife alone, both who became sick with sadness.

[edit] Trivia

  • During the Kamiki Festival, Mr. Bamboo can be found drinking Sake with Karude and the Nameless Man. If Amaterasu uses Waterspout to guide the sakes into their mouths, they will get drunk and will start saying embarrassing things. If Amaterasu leaves them for a few minutes and comes back, they will have hangovers and will make excuses for their behaviour.
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