Mr. Chic & Mrs. Chic

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Mr. Chic
Mr. Chic.jpg
Designer Mr. Chic
GenderMale and Female
LocationSei'an City
FamilyMarriage: Each other.

Mr. Chic is a fashion designer whose shop is in the southwest of Sei'an's Commoners Quarters. Amaterasu can draw designs on a kimono for him which will become popular and pop up as graffiti around the city. Mrs. Chic is his wife and can be found at the front of the store behind a desk.

Mr. and Mrs. Chic are part of a side-quest to obtain a Stray Bead. If Amaterasu talks to a little girl making charcoal drawings on the East side of the town she will tell her a design that she thinks will become popular. Amaterasu can then draw this design on Mr. Chic's kimono, he will then say that "This could make something happen". The only noticeable difference will be that the little girl will have a new design and that the graffiti around the streets will change but Amaterasu continues to do this the little girl will eventually give Amaterasu a Stray Bead.

[edit] Okamiden

Mr. Chic returns in Okamiden, however his role is much more minuscule. His kimono's can even no longer be decorated. However, Chibiterasu and Kagu must free his shop from a curse with Kagu's Enchantment Slips. His wife does not appear, instead a Tanuki statue is in her place and Chibiterasu's partners will comment that he has turned his wife into a tanuki.

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