Mr. and Mrs. Grapefruit

Mr. and Mrs. Grapefruit
GenderMale and Female
LocationKamiki Village 100 years in the past
FamilyEach other husband and wife)
Mr. and Mrs. Orange (Ancestors)

Mr. and Mrs. Grapefruit are an old married couple who appear in both Okami and [Okamiden]] (where they are renamed to "Mr. and Mrs. Fruit). They can be found in Kamiki Village 100 years in the past, making them the ancestors of the present day Mr. and Mrs. Orange.

They are the village elders of Kamiki in this time frame and like the rest of the villagers, they fear the True Orochi and the curse he has places on their village. Mr. Grapefruit preys to Konohana every day that the curse will be lifted and he is first found on the deck viewing over Konohana when Amaterasu travels back in time. They fear the site of Amaterasu and [Chibiterasu]], believing Amaterasu to be Shiranui, the familiar of the Orochi, and Chibiterasu to be one of her grandchildren.

In Okami, Mr. Grapefruit tries to coax Nagi out of his house to fight the Orochi but he and Mrs. Grapefruit hide in their house once the Orochi has shot his sacrificial arrow. They then witness the death of Shiranui when Nagi carries him back to the village after their defeat of the Orochi.

In Okamiden, Mr. Grapefruit is the first person Chibiterasu and Kurow meet after arriving in Kamiki Village by following Akuro back in time. They also witness the death of Shiranui and agree that a shrine should be erected in his honour.

[edit] Trivia

  • Their house has a giant grapefruit on top of it.
  • They are renamed to Mr. and Mrs. Fruit in Okamiden
  • They look identical to Mr. and Mrs. Orange apart from having brown garbs instead of blue and pink, respectively.
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