Mr & Mrs Cutter

Mr. and Mrs. Cutter
Mr. and Mrs. Cutter
LocationTaka Pass

Mr. and Mrs. Cutter live in Taka Pass within a valley in the middle of the region. They are quite dislikable people and Mrs. Cutter will chase and attempt to hit Amaterasu with a knife once she sees Amaterasu.

After Amaterasu enters Sasa Sanctuary, she can reveal Mr. and Mrs. Cutter to be the true demons they are by sneaking into the house at night and dragging them into the moonlight. By defeating the demons, Amaterasu rescues the sparrow "princess", Chun and gains access into Sasa Sanctuary.

[edit] Trivia

  • There is a Konohana Blossom above the roof of their house that can only be seen outside of the valley. It leads to a treasure chest.
  • Amaterasu can gain praise by cleaning the pond by their house.
  • The story of Mr. and Mrs. Cutter are based on the Japanese fable of the Tongue-Cut Sparrow.

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