LocationKamiki Village
FamilyMother: Mushi's Mama

Mushi is a young boy who lives in Kamiki Village with his Mother and pet dog Hayabusa. His father however died a long time ago and Hayabusa was his dog.
Mushi's name means "Bug" in Japanese which is connected to how he has a pet dragonfly on a string. However when you go through the Spirit Gate you will see Mushi's ancestor, Nazo and he has what looks like a floating Dogu head on a string.

Mushi has a lot of small roles in the storyline. He will reward you with Praise if you manage to dig up the "oddly shaped turnip" in his Mother's garden.
During the Moon Festival Mushi has a close encounter. He is right in the path of the Orochi's sacrifice arrow, however his dog pulls in out of the way just in time. This is because his dog is not a normal dog, he is in fact one of the Canine Warriors, Chu. It turns out the real Hayabusa died along with his father and Chu replaced him as Hayabusa begged him and foretold the arrow that would kill Mushi. However Mushi already knows Hayabusa is not the real Hayabusa as his Father's dog would not have left him to die.

After the Orochi's defeat Mushi and Hayabusa can be found playing together in their usual spot beside the turnip field. They have returned to training to beat Amaterasu's turnip digging record. Mushi's new goal in life is to become a hero and protect the weak, just like Hayabusa.

[edit] Okamiden

Mushi, his Mama and his dog Hayabusa make a reappearance in Okamiden and they still live in Kamiki Village. Mushi also still has his pet dragonfly on a string. His ancestor, Nazo also appears again when Chibiterasu and Kurou go through the Spirit Gate.

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