Mushi's Mama

Mushi's Mama
Mushis Mama.jpg
LocationKamiki Village
FamilySon: Mushi

Mushi's Mama has only a small role in Okami. She is of course the Mother of Mushi and they both live in Kamiki Village. Her husband died in an accident long ago although she never speaks of him. She is found tending to her turnips. She appears to have a kind nature except for when Amaterasu digs up her turnips. She will then chase after her and try to smack her. If Amaterasu can dig them all up Mushi will give her Praise. Amaterasu can try to dig up her turnips as often as she wants and Mushi's Mama will continue to chase her.
She also seems to have a relationship with Tama as one of the fireworks at the Kamiki Festival explodes in her shape.

[edit] Okamiden

Mushi's Mama returns in Okamiden with her son Mushi. They still live in Kamiki Village and she still tends to her turnips. When we meet her some Imps are attacking her turnips and Chibiterasu must defeat them and then use Rejuvenation to fix the scarecrow they broke. She gives Chibiterasu the first Praise he receives in the game.

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