Master Carpenter Naguri
LocationSei'an City
Yakushi Village

Naguri is a character in both Okami who makes a reappearance in Okamiden.

In Okami he is a master carpenter, Amaterasu must help him in a Digging Mini Game to unclog the pipes under Sei' an City and restore water to the canals. In Okami, he begrudgingly accepts the Aspiring Carpenter as his apprentice.

In Okamiden, he says he is an inn owner. He was impressed by Dr. Redbeard so he moved to Yakushi Village to build houses. However it annoys him that nobody ever comes to live in them. His apprentice, the Aspiring Carpenter, comes with him to the village.

[edit] Based On

Naguri's name comes from the Japanese place of the same name that is famous for its woodwork and carpentry.

[edit] Trivia

  • Naguri wears headgear that features a temple with many floors. This is to symbolise his status as chief carpenter as his apprentice, the Aspiring Carpenter, has similar headgear except his temple only has one floor.

[edit] Gallery

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