Nameless Man

Nameless Man
The Nameless Man
LocationShinshu Field

The Nameless Man lives in a house beside the river in Shinshu Field near the entrance to Hana Valley. He is very kind and will always Feed Amaterasu if she sees him at night. He also loves nature and can be found making pots in his kiln.


[edit] Role in the Plot

When you restore the Guardian Sapling and clear the Demon Gate at the other side of the river his kiln will appear there. He is part of a side quest for Praise as every so often he will make a new vase that he will give to Amaterasu. Amaterasu must Bite the vase and bring it to one of Shinshu Field's five Guardian Statues which will then give out Praise.

[edit] Okamiden

The Nameless Man and his kiln reappear in Okamiden. When we first meet his he has sealed off the entrance to Hana Valley because of the Demons and he refuses outright to reopen the gate, claiming that it would be too hard anyway. However, there is a Manifest Subquest to return his missing pottery materials to him, all of which can be found in Hana Valley.

[edit] Trivia

  • During the Kamiki Festival in Okami, The Nameless Man can be found drinking Sake with Karude and the Mr. Bamboo. If Amaterasu uses Waterspout to guide the sakes into their mouths, they will get drunk and will start saying embarrassing things. If Amaterasu leaves them for a few minutes and comes back, they will have hangovers and will make excuses for their behaviour.

[edit] Gallery

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