Vassal to Otohime Nanami
LocationTravelling Nippon with Chibiterasu
Dragon Palace

Nanami is a mermaid and one of Chibiterasu's partners in Okamiden. She is a vassal to Queen Otohime. Nanami can be guided through underwater paths and her hair can be used as a source of water for Chibiterasu. She calls Chibiterasu "Squiddy". Her name roughly translates to "seven seas".


[edit] Role in the Plot

Chibiterasu first meets her in a flooded Agata Forest when he is with Kuni. She calls Chibiterasu "Squiddy", much to his disdain, and claims to be friends with him. She asks Chibiterasu where his blonde haired friend (Kurow) has gone but Chibiterasu has no idea what she is talking about as she does not know him. She ignores this as she is much more busy searching for treasures, belonging to Queen Otohime, that she has lost. We later find out these are the Wet and Dry Jewels.

She is not seen again until Chibiterasu and Kuni meet her in the Demon Market where she has been sold to the Witch Queen by Bullhead. Kokari had offered her to Bullhead as he believes, rightly, that he was responsible for the flooding in Agata Forest. She is put as first prize in a tournament. When Chibiterasu and Kuni try to help her by offering to fight in the tournament she rejects it, proclaiming that she hates humans because they are selfish and are the cause of her kidnapping. Chibiterasu and Kuni ignore her and try to move the bowl she is being held captive in. However, they lose their masks and are forced to fight an enraged Witch Queen. Nanami and Chibiterasu finally partner up as Kuni must stay behind to fight off the Witch Queen and the hoards of Demons. They have to escape through the market in a Racing Minigame. When they all meet back up again, they are pulled out of the Demon Market by Kokari and his fishing rod. Nanami forgives him for offering her to Bullfish.

Kuni then gets kidnapped by Bullfish, so Nanami and Chibiterasu set out to rescue him. As well as rescuing him, Nanami gets her treasure back. However, Bullfish is not truly defeated and he attacks by reflooding Agata Forest causing Kuni to be washed away. Nanami carries Chibiterasu back to Ryoshima Coast where Nanami and Chibiterasu then go their separate ways.

They do not meet up again till Chibiterasu and Kurow travel nine months into the past. Kurow leaves to find out about his past and Nanami becomes Chibiterasu's partner again. This time, Chibiterasu greets Nanami happily but it is she that does not know who he is as this is really the first time they meet. After Otohime transforms into the Water Dragon to take the duo to Sage Shrine, Nanami gets hypnotized and kidnapped by Genji. Shikibu, the Guardian of Sage Shrine, is a master writer and she created Genji in the hopes of creating the perfect man. However Genji just turned into a selfish womanizer. Nanami breaks out of her trance on her own and when Shikibu and Chibiterasu catch up to her, she is telling Genji off. As Genji has not learned anything Shikibu has to un-write him. After they use the Knowing Orb to find out about Akuro, they return to Kurow and he becomes Chibiterasu's partner again.

Nanami is not met again till the end of the game where she teams up with Kagu and Manpuku to help Chibiterasu in his fight against the possessed Kuni, Kurow and Akuro in the Dark Realm. She helps Chibiterasu fight Bullhead, however, Chibiterasu must first fight a Water Nymph first to rescue her. She is later kidnapped by Akuro, leaving Chibiterasu to fight his final battles alone but reappears upon Akuro's death.

At the credits, she can be seen, near Kokari, swimming in the normal size Agata Forest.

[edit] Appearance

Nanami has an orange mermaid tail and has blue hair with orange fins protruding from her head, two coming from the top of her head and two smaller ones coming from behind her head. She wears an orange scaly tube top. She has blue scales around her wrists and has orange fins coming out of them. She fights with a small blue dagger. When she finds the Wet and Dry Jewels, she wears one on each side of her head with her hair wrapped around them.

[edit] Abilities

Nanami is a mermaid giving her affinity over water as such, her hair is full of it. Chibiterasu can use this to an advantage as a source of water for Waterspout in battle. She also assists Chibiterasu attack by creating a fountain of water around her, dealing damage to any nearby enemies when Chibiterasu's combo finisher connects.

In the field, Her mermaid heritage allows her to swim. With Guidance, she can travel pools and rivers to reach places for Chibiterasu. Note, however, that it is also due to her mermaid body she cannot traverse land and if is directed across land, can only hop a short distance. Her hair can also be used as a water source outside of battle.

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