LocationShinshu Field
Kamiki Village
FamilyMother: Nazo's Mom
Pet: Nazo's Dog

Nazo is a character who first appears in Okami and returns in Okamiden. He is the ancestor of Mushi from Kamiki Village and in both games he can only be seen when Amaterasu or Chibiterasu travel through the Spirit Gate back to Kamiki Village 100 years in the past.

In Okami he serves no other purpose but to simply be Mushi's ancestor. He lives with his Nazo's Mama and his Nazo's Dog. He has a pet Dogu head on a string.

However in Okamiden, he plays a bigger role. He still lives happily with his dog and Mom however after the Orochi's defeat his dog suddenly becomes ill. So he plucks up his courage and sets off on a journey to find a cure for his dog. However, this is all without his mom's knowledge. Chibiterasu can find him in Shinshu Field looking for medicine and if he retrieves the herb from the entrance to Yakushi Village and returns it to him, he will give Chibiterasu Meat as a reward.

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