New Game +

New Game + is a game feature found in both Okami and Okamiden. It allows the player to replay the game while still keeping some items from their previous play through and enables them to use content that they unlocked upon completion of the game. It is unlocked by completing the game once and saving after the credits.

Only items that do not interrupt the flow of the storyline or do not allow the player to progress to an area earlier than usual are carried over, for example, none of the Brush Techniques are carried over in any of the games. What carries over and is unlocked up the completion of the game varies between Okami and Okamiden and example of this is how some Weapons are carried over in Okami but none are carried over in Okamiden. If Amaterasu or Chibiterasu obtains an item from a Treasure Chest that will be carried over in a New Game +, the Treasure Chest will be empty in the new game.

Material unlocked includes artwork, videos and music files for the game. Some of this material often shows beta and unused designs and ideas.


[edit] Okami

[edit] Items Carried Over

[edit] Unlocked Content

  • 100th Stray Bead - Finish the game

Presents From Issun

  • Music Test - Finish the game
  • Video Log - Finish the game
  • Art Work - Finish the game
  • Secret Theatre - Play the game for 31 hours +

Karmic Transformers

  • Karmic Returner - Finish the game.
  • Karmic Transformer 1 - Finish the game
  • Karmic Transformer 2 - Finish the game
  • Karmic Transformer 3 - Obtain S-Rank for Deaths
  • Karmic Transformer 4 - Obtain S-Rank for Enemies Defeated
  • Karmic Transformer 5 - Obtain S-Rank for Money Gained
  • Karmic Transformer 6 - Obtain S-Rank for Demon Fangs Found
  • Karmic Transformer 7 - Obtain S-Rank for Praise Earned
  • Karmic Transformer 8 - Obtain S-Rank for Praise Earned
  • Karmic Transformer 9 - Obtain S-Rank for Praise Earned

[edit] Okamiden

Unlike Okami, most things are not carried over from game to New Game+.

[edit] Items Carried Over

[edit] Items That Do Not Carry Over

[edit] Unlocked Content

Karmic Transformers

  • Restoration Spell - Finish the game.
  • Dark Sun - Finish the game.
  • Painter's Legend - Collect all of the Bestiary Entries, which is done by battling every Demon in the game.
  • Moon's Legacy - Complete the Antiques List, which is done by collecting one of each type of Antique.
  • First Sunrise - Complete all of the above.

Presents from Ishaku

  • Okamiden Music - Finish the game.
  • Okamiden Artwork - Finish the game.
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