Location(s)Oni Island
Ark of Yamato
Attack(s)Charge Attacks, Sword Attacks, Celestial Brush Attacks
Celestial Brush
Rewards(s)Blade of Kusanagi

Ninetails is an evil Kitsune who is the fifth boss you will meet in this game. She is the ruler of Oni Island which can be found off Ryoshima Coast, thus making her the boss of this game segment. She is also referred to as "The Dark Lord" and "Demon Lord Ninetails". Ninetails is the character that reveals the existence of Yami, a being of ultimate evil. Ninetails is very like Amaterasu in the fact that she, too, can use Brush Techniques which is an added difficulty when fighting her as she can even use techniques Amaterasu has not learned yet. Ninetails can also harness the power of electricity as she fights with the Ninestrike Glaive and Oni Island is rife with lightning. Her glaive has a Celestial Brush on the bottom of the hilt.


[edit] Appearance

Ninetails is a giant tan fox with nine tails, each of her tails has a different coloured masked face on the end of it. She uses these tails to paint but they can also break away from her and fight separately as beings that look like possessed Rao. She wears a mask like her tails, this mask also covers up her lost eye. However she uses magic to make itself look like this and when she is weakened she reverts back to her true form. She really looks like a dull brown fox that has been badly beaten up.

However as part of her sinister plot, Ninetails also takes the appearance of a beautiful priestess called Rao. She appears as her for most of the game and will only show her demon face when she has been found out about.

Rao's body has been taken over

[edit] Role in plot

Through the means of several cut scenes we find out that prior to this action, Ninetails tormented Nippon as the evil Dark Lord of Oni Island. However this was till she lost her main weapon and the source of her power, the Fox Rods. Ninetails then killed Rao, hid her body under Ankoku Temple and posed as her in the hopes of getting the Fox Rods back.

When Amaterasu comes to Sei'an City Ninetails is already pretending to be Rao and is acting as a regent to Queen Himiko who has currently locked herself up to pray for the safety of her people. Rao's beauty captures the heart of Issun who in turn convinces Ammy to go look for the Fox Rods. Ninetails has led them to believe that the Fox Rods will kill it instead of restoring it to full power. She sends them to first search the Sunken Ship for the Fox Rods and then to kill the Water Dragon. They do both these things as Issun is completely infatuated by Rao. However these actions are terrible as the Foxrods restore Ninetails power and the Water Dragon is the only way to access Oni Island. With the Fox Rods in hand Rao then kills Queen Himiko, she then reverts to her Ninetails form because of Ammy and Issun's discovery of the true Rao's skeleton. Amaterasu is then forced to fight Evil Rao who has the face of Ninetails but the body of Rao.

Both of them are devastated to find about Ninetails's actions and the death of Queen Himiko, however The ghost of Himiko appears to them and informs them that the Otohime, Queen of the Draconians can transform into the new Water Dragon and help them cross to Oni Island, where they can defeat Ninetails.

With their help Ammy finally manages to get to Oni Island where at the end of the dungeon she can find the constellation that Ninetails hides in.

Art of her tails

[edit] Defeating Ninetails

As Ninetails can also use the power of Brush Strokes, she is a tricky boss. If Amaterasu stays on the screen for drawing Brush Strokes too long Ninetails will start to draw one. This can damage Ammy badly. In Oni Island Ammy learns the Thunderstorm Brush Stroke and that is the key to defeating Ninetails. Lightning is seen in the background and when Ninetails raises her sword to attack the player should electrocute her using Thunderstorm. However this causes her tails to break off and attack Ammy. These tails can be killed off one at a time. When all the tails have been killed, Ninetails will turn into her final form: that of a scruffy, single tailed, one-eyed fox.

[edit] Bestiary Entry

"True form of the evil that dwells on Oni Island and seeks to destroy the Ryoshima Coast. 9 souls inhabit 9 tails, each acting independently. According to legend, Ninetails can only be defended against with the Celestial Brush. Burning the tails will temporarily weaken it, and a lightning strike to the sword causes the souls to split apart. Strike the final blow when the true form of the fox emerges."

[edit] Based On

Ninetails's Constellation on Oni Island

As well as being based off the Kitsune, the storyline involving Ninetails is similar to the Japanese tale of Tamamo-no-Mae. This tells the story of the Japanese noblewoman Tamamo-no-Mae who was the most intelligent and beautiful woman in all the country. Although she was only twenty years old, she had a wealth of knowledge on every subject and there was nothing she could not answer. She always had a mysteriously wonderful fragrance and her clothes were always pristine. However Tamamo-no-Mae was in fact a Kitsune and she was making the Emperor sick in a plot to steal his throne. This is much like the mysterious green mist plaguing Sei'an City that would have killed the Emperor if it was not for Amaterasu and Issun. Luckily that even though she made an escape, she was captured and put to death.

[edit] Trivia

  • Ninetails is a Kitsune, which is an evil creature that can possess women. It usually enters the woman through her fingernails or breasts, the latter probably being Rao's case.
  • We see a brief cut scene that shows the fate of the original Rao. In this cut scene it can be seen that the original Rao wore a string of blue beads, not red and she did not cover one of her eyes with her fringe, which Ninetails does to cover its missing eye. This subtly shows us that the Rao Ammy and Issun meet is not the real one.
  • According to legend, the amount of tails a Ninetails has is symbolic of their wisdom and omniscience. When they obtain their ninth tail, they are said to reach a state of godliness. This explains why Ninetails takes on the visage of a of god, including the ability to use a Celestial Brush, her own constellation, use of Ninestrike which is very similar to Amaterasu's divine instrument Seven Strike, Celestial Markings and how the battle arena resembles the heavenly plain where Amaterasu meets the Brush Gods. The art book also states that Ninetails considers herself to be a real god.
  • Although the Bestiary Entry for Ninetails states that her tails are particularly weak to fire, in her true form, Ninetails's tails are invulnerable.
  • Ninetails is the only character apart from the Brush Gods with its own constellation.
  • Before Ninetails is released from her constellation, the moon has a pattern of nine tails.
  • A stone version of her sword can be seen conducting electricity in the Moon Tribe Ruins in Okamiden. Perhaps this sword was modeled after her own or she thieved one from the Moon Tribe.

[edit] Gallery

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