Ogres come in two versions, Blue Ogres and Red Ogres. Both are quite rare and very tough opponents however they look slightly different and have different elements. Blue Ogres attack with ice and Red Ogres attack with fire. They are also similar to Bull Chargers. They are only found on Oni Island, in Kamui and finally in in the North Ryoshima Coast Devil Gate Trial. Their most notable feature is the giant masks that cover their faces, thus making their front defenseless.


[edit] Attacks

They can attack in four different ways making them very powerful enemies and their masks make them immune to many attacks. Their attacks include, a full on hit with their clubs, a charge attack where they run into Amaterasu at full speed, striking the ground with their clubs so that a shock wave of their element shoots out and finally an attack where they leap into the air in the hopes of landing on Amaterasu.

Their mask leaves them invulnerable to frontal attacks so it is best to stun them and then Power Slash their face to chop their mask in half, leaving them open for attack. If you find this too hard you should keep attacking them from the back or from the side by using Veil of Mist to slow down time or even waiting till they turn away. If they leap into the air to attack they will land on their face and become stuck, this is a perfect time to attack them. As their masks are made from metal they are very weak to lightening.

[edit] Blue Ogre

Blue Ogre

Blue Ogres are of course blue. The hold giant hooked clubs in their hands and the use them to slam into the ground and shoot an ice shock wave. They are first found on Oni Island and their Floral Finisher is Thunderstorm.

[edit] Bestiary Entry

"Blue Ogres are more popular than their red cousins due to their beautiful fangs. There is a famous story which contains the line "A lightning strike makes one bear their fangs."

[edit] Red Ogre

Red Ogre

Red Ogres are a lot like their blue cousin except they are red of course. They hold two giant spikey clubs in their hands which they use to smash into the ground and create a fiery shock wave. They are first found on Oni Island and their Floral Finisher is Thunderstorm.

[edit] Bestiary Entry

"Ogres conjure images of savagery, but these creatures are quite sophisticated.Red Ogres wear iron masks as if to maintain their own dignity. An old saying applies to those who show pride in their appearance. It says "To defeat a Red Ogre, attack it from the side to detach the mask and embarrass it." This means that one who is too vain is often at a loss when subjects other than themselves are breached."

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