Oina Tribe

First AppearanceOkami
DistinctionsAnimal Masks
Transformation into Wolves
Heightened Senses
Famous MembersOki

The Oina Tribe are a unique race of people in Okami. They are powerful and hardy warriors that can easily adapt to any climate and situation. They also have to power to transform into wolves, they use this power to fight and travel.
The whole race lives in the frozen area area of Kamui and the majority of them live in Wep'keer. They are the Guardians of Wawku Shrine and they also protect their sacred sword, Kutone.

They are very strong willed and well suited to the frigid and dangerous Kamui environment. However despite this it even gets too harsh and freezing for them sometimes. To fix this problem and to prevent Kamui from completely freezing over they get a tribe member to recite the Volcanic Incantation which causes Ezofuji to erupt and the lands then become warm and fertile.
It is usually the elder that recites the incantation however in Okami's storyline the previous elder, Kemu, became to weak to do it so he taught the incantation to young Lika. However this causes problems in the game as Lechku and Nechku lure her away but eventually Amaterasu saved the day and the incantation can be recited.

The Oina have a governing system quite similar to the other races. They have an elder however it is not sure how a person is chosen for this job. They also have a Shaman who they go to for advice and guards the entrance to their sacred lands.

[edit] Based On

The Oina Tribe's origins seem to come from the Ainu who are the indigenous people of Japan. Although they are a small minority, they still exist today on Japan's northenmost island.

[edit] Trivia

  • If Amaterasu uses Bloom on a member of the Oina Tribe they will turn into their wolf forms instead of showering Amaterasu with love like other people do.
  • Oina is an Ainu word for short epic poems, usually about gods, that are mostly chanted by women.

[edit] Notable Members of the Oina Tribe

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