Oina Warrior Oki

Oki is both a powerful friend and enemy to Amaterasu and he plays a big role near the end of the story. He is from the Oina Tribe but unlike them he lives in a hut in Kamui instead of Wep'keer. He can transform into a great navy wolf that looks a lot like his mask.


[edit] Personality

Oki is somewhat of a outcast as he chooses to live away from the rest of his people. He also refuses to listen to his elders and friends who try to help, he is stubborn and believes that he knows what is best. He is also rude to Amaterasu and believes her to be inferior and he is rude to his friends who try to guide him. He is also quite cold as he does not seem care about the people who care about him and he can only see his own selfish wants.

However despite all this he cares deeply about people and the welfare of Kamui. He seeks to free the lands of the problems caused by Lechku & Nechku. Although he denies doing it out of care, he saves Kemu and Samickle from the Twin Demons after they go out to fight them.
He also saves Shiranui from falling off a cliff even when he had the chance to finally kill Nechku.

[edit] Role in the Plot

Oki saves Kemu and Samickle from Demons

We first run into Oki just outside his house in Kamui. However he picks a fight with Amaterasu so she must fight him in both human and wolf form. After he has been defeated he tells them who he is and about the problems plaguing Kamui. He also reveals that he has stolen the sacred sword Kutone as the prophecy reveals that unlocking it's true power will save Kamui from the evil unleashed and thus stopping the terrible Blizzard that has overcome the already frozen lands. However Oki does not know how to unleash Kutone's full power so he assumes killing lots of demons will do this.

Oki them heads into the Spirit Gate to try and defeat the True Orochi however he suffers a miserable defeat. Embarrassed by this he breaks into Wawku Shrine and tries to defeat Lechku and Nechku. However he arrives when Amaterasu and Shiranui are fighting the twin demons. Shiranui is suddenly knocked off a giant cliff by the demons, Amaterasu runs to save her to she alone cannot pull her up. Instead of finishing off the demons Oki runs to save the wolf that had helped him so much, after giving up his selfish ways the full power of Kutone was finally released. He then used this power to finish off killing Lechku and Nechku which finally brings peace to the land of Kamui.

Oki then returns Kutone to it's alter in Ezofuji and it is then that the prophecy comes true and the Ark of Yamato rises up out of the lake.

[edit] Attacks

Oki's Bestiary Art

Oki has some very common attacks when you battle him and you will first fight him in human form. In this form his attacks include throwing icicles at you which should be dodged or knocked back with Power Slash, knocking them back might stun him so then you can attack. He will also try and hit you with his sword. To kill him just try and Power Slash him whenever you get the chance.
When his life bar runs out he will transform into a wolf with a new but weaker life bar. His wolf form will have the same icicle and swords attack but with some other new attacks. These new attacks include a dash attack and an aerial attack where he jumps up, spins and then zooms down on you. Wait till he is stunned from either the aerial or icicle attack and then Power Slash him to inflict serious damage.

[edit] Bestiary Entry

"Oki, the northern Oina Tribe's famous swordsman, plays an important role in Amaterasu's tale, yet he is shrouded in mystery. He has been depicted both as a man with a wolf and as a wolf himself."

[edit] Based On

Oki is based on Okikuruni of Ainu folklore. It is said that he taught the Ainu people all their skills such as hunting, fishing, weaving and tree felling. The legend goes that after Okikuruni taught the Ainu how to chop trees, he and his wife ascended to Heaven on the echo of a falling tree.

[edit] Trivia

  • Oki, along with Waka, are the only two characters that cannot be hurt by Amaterasu outside of battle. Physical attacks will simply pass through them and Brush Techniques, bar Bloom on Oki, will simply bounce off of them unnoticed.
  • Oki means 'big' or 'great' in Japanese.
  • If you talk to Oki before going into Yoshpet, he will insult Issun's painting countless times, being very rude to him and Amaterasu.

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