Oni Island

Oni Island
Connects ToRyoshima Coast
Notable Inhabitant(s)Gekigami
Red Ogre
Blue Ogre
ItemsThunderstorm Brush Technique
Blade of Kusanagi
Seven Strike

Oni Island is the elusive, island home of Ninetails and his Demons. It is very difficult to find as it appears in a new location in Ryoshima Coast every night, it is also protected by a shield that blocks entry. Rumours say that it is the source of all the evil that plagues Ryoshima Coast. On the outside, it looks like a Demon and on the inside, it harbours Ninetails' Castle.

The Island has a theme of electricity through out it. It is where Amaterasu finds the constellation of Gekigami who teaches her Thunderstorm. The island also has a lot of items that use electricity to power them as well as having electric keys to open doors and Treasure Chests.

The island is home to a civilisation of demons. It has its own Imp Merchant and a gatekeeper called Tobi. However it is a single tour dungeon and cannot be returned to later.


[edit] Getting to Oni Island

Oni Island's Interior

The original plan for getting to Oni Island was that Queen Himiko would use her crystal ball to pinpoint Oni Islands next location and that Amaterasu and Issun would have to tame the Water Dragon so the could use it to break the barrier around the island. However their plan fell apart when Ninetails, disguised as the beautiful Priestess Rao, killed Queen Himiko before she could reveal the next location of Oni Island. Amaterasu also kills the Water Dragon by removing the very item needed to control it, the Dragon Orb.
However just before Queen Himiko's spirit passes on she reveals the location of Oni Island so Amaterasu and Issun must race to Watcher's Cape before sunset in the hope of getting to the Island, however they are not even sure of how they will break the barrier. When the arrive there they are met by Otohime who informs them that she sensed Himiko's despair from the Dragon Palace. She preys to the Dragon Orb which in turn transforms her into the new Water Dragon, thus breaking the barrier.

[edit] Reaching Ninetails

The arena where Ninetails is encountered

Oni Island is filled with many dangers that Amaterasu and Issun must pass before fighting Ninetails. She must swim through lava to just reach the building part of the island. The island is also filled with many traps and mechanical puzzles that must be solved with the help of electricity. Along the way the frequently run into a prayer slip called Tobi who challenges them to races that the must win to progress in the dungeon.

When the duo eventually reach the rooftop of the Island, Ninetails is nowhere to be found. The rooftop is similar to an altar, with a crudely drawn sun in the middle of the wooden floor which is almost a parody of Amaterasu's sun. Amaterasu must complete a constellation to make him appear. The first part of the battle takes place in an imitation godly plain, similar to the one Amaterasu is transported to upon completing a Brush God constellation. This is all in keeping with the legend that states that when a Ninetails obtains their ninth tail, they achieve a state of divinity. However this illusion is shattered in the second half of the battle when we see that Ninetail's is actually a battered old kitsune and not the Deity we once perceived him to be. The godly realm then disappears an Amaterasu and Ninetails return to fighting on the original altar. Defeating Ninetails earns you the Glaive Thunder Edge. Upon his defeat, the island bursts into cherry blossoms that drift away on the wind. After leaving the island the spirits of Blight and Ninetails can be seen overhead, returning to the Ark of Yamato. Waka then appears to confirm this.

[edit] Labyrinth of Torment

The "Labyrinth of Torment" consists of a series of "games", as Tobi calls them, that Amaterasu must pass to progress in the dungeon. Most of the Labyrinth consist of races with Tobi but a few sections of it involve mazes or encounters with dangerous machinery. The races are not as simple as they sound as during them Amaterasu must dodge many hazards as well as trying to finish before Tobi. If she manages this in all her races Tobi must die for failing his duty, a scene that greatly touches Issun. In between the races and puzzles, there are still many other traps Amaterasu must make her way through.

First Race
This race just involves running through the gate before it shuts after a timer switch has been pressed. However, Amaterasu is not fast enough to get through the gate in time if she starts running from a standstill position and gradually progresses through the speeds. Therefore she needs to run around the room to increase her speed before stepping on the timer switch and beginning the race.

Second Race
In order to win this race, Amaterasu must jump across the platforms to the other side while being careful not to fall into the pit of spikes below. Tobi runs slower in this race. Falling into the spikes and dying causes Aamterasu to respawn and the platforms to move closer together. With each subsequent death, the platforms move even closer and closer together and eventually they will touch.

Third Race
This is another race where Amaterasu must cross platforms to get to the other side and win. However, unlike before, Catwalk can be used to get back up on the platforms if she falls.

Fourth Race
Again, in this race, Amaterasu must increase her speed before stepping on the switch and beginning the race. She must then race through a corridor while avoiding moving saws. Veil of Mist is useful for slowing the saws down.

Fifth Race
In the fifth race Amaterasu must make her way through an obstacle course of saws by passing through tiny gaps between them. Then she must climb a stairwell while dodging bamboo spears that shoot up when she gets too close. As with the above race, Veil of Mist makes it easier to avoid the saws without being hurt.

Sixth Race
In this race Amaterasu must race towards the end of the room while defeating the Headless Guardians she encounters along the way. However, Tobi moves slower in this race.

This puzzle gives Amaterasu a momentary break from Tobi's races. In this puzzle, Amaterasu is positioned on a thin platform in the air. She must try and get to the other side without falling from the platform's tiny walkways and at the same time avoiding lasers shot by robotic statues. Power Slashing the statues will disable them momentarily or Veil of Mist can be used to sneak by them.

Seventh Race
Again Amaterasu must jump over saws to reach the other side. Then she must use Cherry Bomb on a crack in the wall to get to the other side.

This is a maze instead of a race. Amaterasu must make her way through the many doors to find the exit at the other side. The many doors lead to Treasure, Items or simply dead ends and only one leads to the exit where Amaterasu will find a wall that can be Cherry Bombed. Some of the walls even have holes she can pass through.

Eighth Race
Here Amaterasu must run across a platform to reach the other side. However, the platform will not be solid unless she has the Thunder Key in her mouth. There will be Blocking Spiders along the platform which must be slowed down with Veil of Mist in order to pass by them.

Ninth Race
If Amaterasu vines the cracked wall beside her before starting the race, she can complete it much faster. This allows her to simply jump across the room and vine herself to the finish line. Otherwise she must double jump to a ledge above her what has pots on it and then run along this ledge to the other side. Tobi will die after this.

[edit] Based On

Oni Island is based on Onigashima, an island in Japanese myth that was visited by Momotaro. In order to fight a group of Demons, Momotaro leaves his parents and travels to the island. On his way he meets a talking monkey, dog and pheasant and enlists them to help him on his quest. When they reach the island, they infiltrate the Demon's fort and force them to surrender. They then take the demons treasure with them and hold their leader captive. Momotaro and his family then live comfortably and happily for the rest of their lives.

[edit] Trivia

  • An Oni is a Demon in Japanese folklore.

[edit] Gallery

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