LocationShinshu Field
North Ryoshima Coast
Okamiden (mentioned only)

The Onigiri-Sensei runs the Dojo's found all over Nippon. He is an expert in the fighting arts and will teach Amaterasu moves for a fee. These Dojo Techniques can be anything from powering up a Divine Instrument to urinating on an enemy for Demon Fangs. There are three Dojos in Nippon and the same Onigiri-Sensei works in them all, this is much to Issun's amazement.

When you enter the Dojo first he appears to be a weak old man, however when you pay your money his head flips around to reveal a strong and determined warrior. His chin flips to become a huge forehead and his mustache becomes a pair of angry looking eyebrows and what used to be his eyebrows turn into a new mustache. His personality changes too as he becomes focused and determined.

Onigiri-Sensei is always a bit weary to teach Amaterasu a new move as he only sees her as a "doggie". However he never turns down a payment. After he switches to his fighting form he will lead Amaterasu into the backroom and will go through the paces of the move with her. Sometimes he will not let her go until he is happy with her progress.

[edit] Okamiden

Onigiri-Sensei does not reappear in Okamiden. His Dojo in Shinshu Field lies vacant and his dojo's in Kamui and Ryoshima Coast are inaccessible. Upon investigating his old dilapidated Dojo in Shinshu Field, Kuni will comment that a "nice old man used to live here".

[edit] Trivia

  • An Onigiri is a type of rice ball served in a triangular shape.
  • He will give Amaterasu a Holy Bone M if he is satisfied with her training, this is after she has practised each move a few times in the Dojo after learning.

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