LocationNorth Ryoshima Coast
Okamiden (mentioned only)

Orca is the messenger of the Draconians. He is a giant and colourful Orca who carries people who are deemed worthy enough to the Dragon Palace. He is also fast enough to outrun the Water Dragon so Amaterasu can use him to travel to the other islands in Ryoshima Coast when the Water Dragon is plaguing the seas.

[edit] Role in the Plot

Amaterasu must talk to Urashima and stop the kids from picking on him, after this he will tell Amaterasu his story about the Dragon Palace. He went to the nearby dock at sunrise one morning and a giant orca appeared to him, this speedy Orca brought him to a whirlpool and through the whirlpool he arrived at the Dragon Palace. This inspires Issun to get Amaterasu to travel to the dock so hopefully she will be worthy enough to have Orca bring her there. To ride Orca all Amaterasu must do is jump on his back.

[edit] Okamiden

Although Orca is never encountered in the game, a fisherman in South Ryoshima Coast mentions he caught an orca once but he threw it back because it would have been a shame to kill it. We can assume this orca is indeed Orca from Okami.

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