Origin Mirror

Ammy and a regular Origin Mirror


[edit] Generalization

Origin Mirrors are the save points of the game, they also heal Solar Energy and Ink Pots. They are found all over Nippon sometimes even several in the same place.

When you first step onto an Origin Mirror you will get a view of it from Amaterasu's point of view, from there you can press the O/Z button to access your save files or draw an X for teleportation.

[edit] Ulitmate Origin Mirrors

There are thirteen special Origin Mirrors called Ultimate Origin Mirrors and they allow the use of Teleportation by drawing an X shape on them. However you need to buy the Fog Pot for that to work. Ultimate Origin Mirrors are found in the most important places in the game, this is to prevent much hassle when traveling.
These mirrors look the same as other Origin Mirrors however they have a small and intricately designed wooden roof over them and the Mirror itself has an X on it.

[edit] List of Ultimate Origin Mirrors

Kamiki Village: Between Kushi's Brewery and the exit to Shinshu Field.
Shinshu Field: Near the Guardian Sapling.
Agata Forest: In the cave where Madame Fawn's house is found.
Taka Pass: Near the entrance to Agata forest, opposite the Merchant.
Kusa Village: At the entrance to Taka Pass, near the Merchant.
Sasa Sanctuary: Near the entrance to the inn.
South Ryoshima Coast: Near the entrance to the City Checkpoint.
North Ryoshima Coast: On the left hand side of the river. Another one can only be accessed via Mist Warp, it is found in a rocky area.
Dragon Palace: Near the entrance.
Kamui: In an alcove near the entrance to Shinshu Field. Another one can be found in na Rocky Area via Mist Warp.
Inner Yoshpet: Near the Spirit Gate.

[edit] Okamiden

Like Okami, there is more than one type of Origin Mirror. Okamiden features both the Ultimate Origin Mirror and the smaller, plainer version.

As Veil of Mist and ultimately Mist Warp do not appear in Okamiden, Chibiterasu cannot warp to Ultimate Origin Mirrors so easily. However, after King Fury is defeated, Kagu will give Chibiterasu a Prayer Slip which allows him to warp between Ultimate Origin Mirrors.

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