Location(s)Moon Cave
Ark of Yamato
Weakness(es)8 Purification Sake
Attack(s)Elemental Attacks

The Orochi is the first major boss of Okami. He has eight heads with each one ruling a separate element, Fire, Lightning, Earth, Wind, Water, Poison, Light, and Dark. He has a giant body with a great big golden bell on the back that is his only weak point.

The Orochi must be fought three different times in the game. Amaterasu fights him first in Moon Cave halfway through the game, then again after she passes through the Spirit Gate however this time she is battling the True Orochi who is much stronger, finally she fights him again on the Ark of Yamato.


[edit] History

The Legend of the Orochi Travel Guide

Before the game's beginning the Orochi and his Demons attacked the Celestial Plain. Amaterasu and Waka tried to fight them off together but Waka prophesised that the Orochi could only be defeated by the Chosen One. Amaterasu then went to earth to look for him while Waka evacuated the Celestials on the Ark of Yamato, however Yami and other demons where hiding on the Ark. They slaughtered all the Celestials which caused Waka to crash land the Ark on earth, setting free all the demons and evil inside it. Waka then went into hiding, waiting for when Amaterasu would find the chosen one.

The Orochi then made his home in Moon Cave and he terrorised Kamiki Village and it's residents. Every year he forced them to sacrifice one of their young women for him to devour. This continued for 100 years until one year the Sacrificial Arrow struck the home of a woman called Nami who was Nagi, the Chosen One's, love interest. This infuriated Nagi so with the help of Shiranui he defeated the Orochi and sealed it away in his sword Tsukuyomi.

100 years later Susano sets the Orochi free as he believes the story about his ancestor Nagi was made up. However this releases a horrible curse on the lands. Sakuya revives Amaterasu from a statue so that she can purify the lands by Blooming Guardian Saplings and destroying the Demons. However the Orochi will continue to plague Susano's thoughts as he refused to say the incantation, "I wish darkness upon the world", which would restore him to his full power.

[edit] Battles

Orochi attacking Amaterasu

Ammy battles this weaker version of the Orochi first. Once revived the Orochi demands another sacrifice, this time it is Kushi the love interest of Susano. Waka manages to break the barrier to Moon Cave using the Serpent Crystal and Amaterasu, followed by Susano, travel inside. Amaterasu fights her way through Moon Cave until she finally reaches the Orochi's Chamber. She fights him till he is near death, it is then that Susano delivers the killing blow. Once again freeing the land form his torment.

They then battle the True Orochi after Amaterasu and Issun travel through the Spirit Gate to look for a lost Oina girl called Lika. They travel right back to the time when Nami was chosen as a sacrifice. Amaterasu must defeat him with the help of Nagi and Shiranui.

The final time you battle him is on the Ark of Yamato in order to reach Yami, however Ammy nobody to help her fight him this time and so must deliver the final blow herself.

[edit] Heads

Each of the Orochi's eight heads has a mind of it's own and control over a single element. Each of them wears a uniquely shaped and coloured helmet with the corresponding Kanji of their element on it.

[edit] Fire

This head appears to be the head in charge as it talks to Amaterasu in the cut scenes for the other heads. It attacks by breathing fire at Amaterasu. This can be dodged or countered with the Celestial Brush, however, having the Fire Tablet equipped negates all damage. It will roar after the attack misses.

It is the only head that is chopped in half instead of being decapitated.

[edit] Earth

It will create a shock wave by slamming it's head into the ground. Amaterasu can dodge it by jumping. This attack will knock it unconscious so it must be hit before it will wake up and roar.

[edit] Poison

It will breath poison at Amaterasu which can be blown away with Galestorm.

[edit] Light

It will fire lasers at Amaterasu which can be dodged or deflected with a Reflector. Using Crescent will also make them disappear.

[edit] Lightning

It will shoot thunderbolts at Amaterasu which can be blocked or dodged. It is almost always confused, as it is on the opposite side of the Fire Head, so it has no clue as to what is happening. You can also blow its attacks away with Galestorm.

[edit] Water

It can flood the arena and summon eels that will bite and hurt Amaterasu. They can be avoided by climbing on the appearing Lilypads or using Water Lily. After this the head will lie blissfully in the water until it is hit and provoked into roaring.

[edit] Wind

It will summon two tornadoes that will hurt Amaterasu, however, they can be stopped with Galestorm.

[edit] Dark

It will produce two Treasure Buds. However, if they are not Bloomed in time, they will burst open and produce a cursed zone that will hurt Amaterasu and steal her Ink.

[edit] Attacks

Each of the Orochi's eight heads has its own separate elemental attack. After a head has attacked and missed, it will give out a roar, it is then Ammy's time to use Waterspout to guide the 8 Purification Sake into it's open mouth. When several heads have been intoxicated the Orochi will slump down allowing Amaterasu to reach and attack the bell on its back. After the bell has been destroyed Amaterasu must destroy each of the heads, again, singly. They will not have elemental powers any more but their trashing and biting is still a threat. Then when they have been defeated once more, Amaterasu must use Power Slash to chop off each of its eight heads, under the guise of her partner doing it. However the last one, Fire, is always done by her helper. Using Crescent will instil Ammy's partner with the power to remove the heads. The heads will move while the Brush Screen is up and, like always, there is only a short space of time allotted to cut the head before Ammy's partner will be hurt.

The True Orochi is fought the exact same way except it is heavily armoured allowing it to withstand more attacks and each of the heads heads two doses of sake to make it drunk.

[edit] Based On

The Orochi is based on the mythical dragon Yamato-no-Orochi from Japanese folklore. The legend goes that the Orochi was killed by Susano-o as he had fallen in love with Kushi-inada-hime who was set to be sacrificed to the Orochi. After he had slain the Orochi, it is said that Susano-o pulled the legendary sword Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi from it's tail and presented it to Amaterasu as an apology.

[edit] Okamiden

Artwork from Okamiden

The Orochi reappears in Okamiden. He has all his meals prepared by two chefs, Aji and Umami. As he is the only creature to eat their meals, nobody is sure of what effects the food has.

Chibiterasu travels back in time with Kurow to when Amaterasu has just defeated the Orochi, the first time. Their duty is to try and prevent Akuro from bathing in the blood of the Orochi as it will revert him back to his full power. They manage to succeed in this before being transported even further back in the past. Before this, they are free to explore Moon Cave, even having the chance to examine the Orochi's Treasure Room.

[edit] Trivia

  • You gain your first Glaive Tsumugari by beating the Orochi.
  • The Crimson Helm is said to be born from it's blood.
  • It's heads are based off the eight Taoist Trigrams.

[edit] Gallery

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