First EncounterCatcall Tower
WeaknessesBrush Techniques of their opposite element
Attack(s)Lightening, Fire, Ice, Wind
Weapon(s)Sickles, Whirlwind
Floral FinisherGalestorm

Poltergiest are a quite rare enemy. The look and travel a lot like Wheels or Doom Mirrors however they consist of three different weasel like creatures. Each weasel holds a sickle, which they attach together to create a wheel in which they use to travel. Each weasel also has power over a different element and the three together can control wind. They are first encountered in a compulsory battle on Catcall Tower and their Floral Finisher is Galestorm.

[edit] Attacking

Poltergeist attack a lot like Wheels and Doom Mirrors, they also circle the arena like them. You should also defeat them in the same way, by counter attacking their elements and attacking with your Divine Instrument. However do not use Cherry Bomb. This causes them to separate and do a massive damage dealing wind based attack. You will get chased by a whirlwind and if that whirlwind hits you you will get tossed from weasel to weasel and finally flung at the ground.

[edit] Based On

Poltergiest are based on the Japanese mythical creatures, Kamaitachi. Kamaitachi are said to be a trio of sickle wielding weasels with razor sharp claws who cut the skin of people's legs while riding on a gust of wind. It is said that the first weasel knocks the victim down, the second cuts the victim's flesh and the third applies medication to the victim so that they are left with painful but non-bleeding wounds.

[edit] Bestiary Entry

"A group of three sickle-wielding weasels that attack in a circle, these demons are known to cause hallucinations among their victims. If you notice a sudden and unexplained burning or freezing sensation, you are the victim of a poltergeist. The trio possess fire, ice, or thunder powers, so each must be defeated in turn."

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