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Notable Inhabitant(s)Miya
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Eighth Wonder

Ponc'tan is an Okami exclusive area. It is the miniature home of the Poncle race. The village is found in the middle of a tree trunk in the centre of Yoshpet and Amaterasu first finds it while being guided by Kai. Its chief is Ishaku.

However the entrance is too small for Amaterasu to enter through but luckily the Lucky Mallet appears and allows her to shrink down to size. Issun refuses to enter Ponc'tan even though it is his home. This is because he had a fight with his grandfather, Ishaku many years ago. Amaterasu is unable to talk to the Poncles without the help of Issun, however they have a great understanding of animals.

A visit to Ponc'tan is needed before Amaterasu can travel through the rest of Yoshpet to reach the Spirit Gate. Amaterasu needs to talk to Ishaku before Issun will guide her through Inner Yoshpet and both of them must talk to Miya, who even leaves Ponc'tan to talk to them, before they know where Lika has gone.

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