First AppearanceOkami
DistinctionsMinuscule Size
Dressed as Insects
Ability to talk to and understand animals
Famous MembersIssun

Poncles are a race of tiny sprite like creatures that are no bigger than a bug, much to their annoyance, they are often mistaken as being a bug. However they do wear hats made of bug shells so it is self inflicted. The live in Ponc'tan, a tiny village in a tree stump located in the centre of Yoshpet, however, even they cannot stay out too long in the forest or it will kill them. Each Poncle glows a different colour, usually the colour of their clothes, however, the colour can change depending on their emotions.

Poncles have the ability to talk to animals, which is why Issun speaks for Amaterasu. They seem to have very long lifespans, as Ishaku is over a hundred years old yet still alive and well, and Issun comments that "200 years is nothing to somebody like him" when Tao Trooper Abe mentions Waka's age. They appear to have great physical strength, as they can jump high into the air, and Issun managed to throw the Thunder Brew into the Orochi's mouth with ease.

Poncles have lots of artistic talent, and this is why they are the chosen race of the Gods. They are also very loyal to the Gods, and when the people of Nippon loose faith in them, the Poncles send out a Celestial Envoy. This envoy must travel the lands and use their artistic talents to draw pictures and use brush techniques to show the people that the gods still exist and protect them.
The Gods get their power from the faith and love of the people, so they rely completely on the Poncles.

Isshaku was the Celestial Envoy 100 years ago as he travelled with Shiranui. Issun is now the Celestial Envoy, however, he did not like his duties so he ran away but he could not escape his faith and was partnered with Amaterasu. However, at the end of the game he realizes the power of his responsibilities. A Travel Guide mentions that the fifth Celestial Envoy was Ishaku's great-grandfather. As Ishaku is the sixth Celestial Envoy and Issun is the seventh, it is likely that the Celestial Envoy line runs in their family. However, the earlier Celestial Envoys are never mentioned.


[edit] Okamiden

Issun is still the Celestial Envoy in Okamiden because he mentions it shortly before he gets attacked by some Imps. Due to his duties, Sakuya informs him that he cannot travel with Chibiterasu on his journeys. This prompts him to look for Chibiterasu's very first partner, Kuni, so he can join Chibiterasu on his mission.

Ishaku also appears 100 years in the past when he is defrosted from a block of ice, along with Shiranui, by Chibiterasu.

[edit] Based On

Poncles are based the tiny Koro-pok-guru people of Ainu folklore. The name loosely translated to "people below the leaves of the butterbur plant". It is believed that they lived in the lands long before the Ainu people did. Their names comes from the fact they were believed to live in holes in the ground, using a butterbur leaf for the roof.

The stories go that the links between the Koro-pok-gung people and the Ainu were good until one day a young man decided he wanted to see a Koro-pok-gung, as they usually delivered gifts to the Ainu during the night. He waited out and when a Koro-pok-gung person came by he grabbed it only to find out it was beautiful female Koro-pok-gung. She was so disgusted with the behaviour of the man that they refuse to show themselves again.

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