Pots are a new enemy in Okamiden There are two types Pot Foxes and Pot Tanuki. They are Sentry Beasts, meaning they appear outside of Demon Scrolls.

They do not pose much of a threat to Chibiterasu and can be easily taken down using his Weapons and Brush Techniques

[edit] Pot Fox

Pot Foxes are only encountered in the 5-Story Pagoda. They are a fox in a pot and are easily distinguishable by the fluffy tail sticking out. They will bounce around and try to hurt Chibiterasu.

[edit] Pot Tanuki

Pot Tanuki are similar to Pot Foxes, however, they have a raccoon tail sticking out from the pot and a hook on its lid. Before Chibiterasu can damage them, he must remove their lid by using Vine to attack the hook to a Konohana Blossom. They are only encountered in Moon Cave three months in the past.

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