Power Slash

Power Slash
Granted byTachigami
LocationCave of Nagi
Power(s)Cuts through objects
Upgrade(s)Power Slash 2
Power Slash 3

Power Slash is the second Brush Stroke learnt in the game. It is taught by the Mouse God, Tachigami and allows you to cut things in half. The Kanji for "Chop" appears on screen after its use. As well as being used to destroy blockages in pathways it can also be used in battle, and is one of the ways to collect Demon Fangs.

Power Slash can be upgraded twice through donating, the first upgrade allows Amaterasu to cut through Iron Rocks, the second upgrade allows her to cut through Crystal Rocks.

[edit] Okamiden

Power Slash and Tachigami make a return in Okamiden however, the Secret Brush techniques do not return. It is learnt in The Cave of Nagi, as in Okami.

[edit] Trivia

  • Using Power Slash on certain scrolls and tapestries in houses will reveal hidden paintings.

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