Obtained FromRestoring Nature
Preforming good deeds.
Restoring Nature
Obtainable InOkami

Praise is obtained by Amaterasu by partaking in certain side quests which help the land and people, such as Animal feeding, Clover reviving and helping people with their problems. Praise is the faith of the people in the Gods so it is said to return Amaterasu to her true form and without Praise she and the other Brush Gods are rendered powerless. Amaterasu can use the Praise she has collected to power up her Attributes.

Praise look like coloured orbs that rise from an object and are soaked automatically into Amaterasu.

The Praise received for doing a certain thing is fixed, although the Praise collected for doing something like reviving a Clover varies the amount that a certain clover gives out is fixed. However the Lily Pad ferry in Sei'an City gives out Praise depending on how well you fared in your task.

Travel Guide depicting Praise

Amaterasu can only absorb 9,999 orbs of Praise. She needs 6020 orbs to max out all her Attributes and after you have done this Amaterasu will obtain 1000 Yen for each orb received.

[edit] Okamiden

Chibiterasu also receives praise for doing good deeds and restoring nature to the earth. Chibiterasu's divine attributes improve on their own when Chibiterasu receives Praise. Meaning that he does not have the choice whether to improve his health or amount of Ink Pots, etc. instead it happens randomly upon receiving enough Praise. However, only Health and the amount of Ink Pots can be upgraded and at a maximum of ten each. Sometimes both of the Divine Attributes are upgraded at the same time, other times they are upgraded individually.

Praise still looks identical to what it did in Okami. It no longer converts into Yen when all attributes are maxed out, instead it simply does nothing.

[edit] Trivia

  • In Okami the Brush Gods transform into a Praise Orb before bestowing themselves and their power to Amaterasu. However, in Okamiden, they merely produce a Praise Orb for Chibiterasu.

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