Queen Himiko

Queen Himiko
Queen of Sei'an City Himiko
LocationImperial Palace

Queen Himiko was the Queen of all Nippon, however she paid the ultimate price for her people and was killed. Her grave is located behind what used to be her palace in Sei'an City, along with the graves of other past rulers. She was a very pretty young woman and Issun appeared to be very captivated by her, although this is not a surprise.


[edit] Role in the Plot

When Amaterasu and Issun first arrive in Sei'an City they find it covered in a thick green fog. This fog is poisonous and having a terrible effect on the citizens as most of them cannot even move anymore. Amaterasu and Issun set out to find the source of this fog and to cure the poor people. The citizens tell them that Queen Himiko is cooped up in her palace and is not even helping. This leads Issun to believe that she is possessed by evil and does not trust her or her reagent Rao. Issun also believes she is a lazy and incompetent ruler initially as he does not believe she is really doing anything to help cure the dangerous mist that is plaguing her people.

They soon find out that thee source of the fog is coming from The Emperor's side of the palace and not from Queen Himiko. The go and explore the Emperor's Palace and eventually cure him thus getting rid of the poisonous fog. Now with the aid of a new Brush Technique they can sneak past Queen Himiko's guards. However it is not as easy, to see Himiko they have to swim through a lake of magma and when they get there they find that the Queen has been waiting for them.

She explains that she was trying everything she could to free the citizens and how she spent all her time praying for their safety. She also explains why she could not leave her palace and why she is being shrouded by a mystical barrier; this is because the orb she has holds the secret to where Oni Island can be found and its power is also too great to let it fall into the hands of evil. She also tells them that she needs their help, she asks them to find the Draconians as they will be able to calm the fierce Water Dragon.</br>

Queen Himiko appear in the crystal ball

They go and complete her wishes, however when they return to the palace the make a horrifying discovery. Queen Himiko has been killed by her regent, Rao. The real Rao is dead and her body has been taken over by Ninetails who has killed the beautiful Queen Himiko while she was trying to save her people. After Ninetails' unsuccessful attempt to fight Amaterasu and Issun, it spits up Queen Himiko's crystal ball and leaves for Oni Island. However, Queen Himiko's death was not in vain as her apparition appears in her crystal ball. She reveals her death was crucial for her plan to reveal the location of the island as when Ninetails swallowed it, it absorbed its power and now reveals that the next location of Oni Island will be in front of Watcher's Cape. However, as a price of using Ninetail's dark power, the crystal ball shatters leaving Queen Himiko's spirit to pass on and float to the heavens. Her body is then buried in the royal grave behind the palace.

[edit] Okamiden

As she is dead, she naturally does not make a reappearance however she is referenced to many times in the game. Miko Cho is now standing in for her as protector of Sei'an City and her royal palace is being used to train Miko's. Due to this, her Palace and the surrounding grounds are closed up and Chibiterasu is unable to explore them.

[edit] Based On

Queen Himiko is based on and named after a shaman Queen of Yamataikoku in ancient Japan. This queen also had connections with the Sun Goddess Amaterasu whom the Amaterasu of Okami is named after.

[edit] Trivia

  • Headbutting Queen Himiko will cause Amaterasu to be blocked by her magical barrier.

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