Racing Minigames

Racing Mini Game
TypeSide Quest
Witch Queen
LocationsOni Island
Shinshu Field
Ryoshima Coast
Demon Market

Racing Minigames are where Amaterasu must beat her opponent in a race along a specific path. Some Minigames are required to progress in the game where as others are just sidequests. Rewards for beating your opponent include Key Items, Praise, Yen and Stray Beads.


[edit] Tips

You unfortunately can use Veil of Mist to slow down your opponents also in the Wii Version you can swing the Wii remote to make Amaterasu immediately start running in her second speed, it will then only take a few seconds more to get her running at full speed. You must be careful not to let her get damaged or run her into any obstacles as this will make her lose speed. You also must time your jumps carefully as these can make her lose speed and precious seconds.

[edit] Required Races

[edit] Tobi

You must beat Tobi in a series of races around Oni Island. These race courses are short but filled with dangerous obstacles such as spikes and rotating blades. She must beat him in each race to continue her search for Ninetails.

However Tobi is a good natured opponent. He will not start the race until Amaterasu steps on the start button, meaning that you can check out the race course before you run it. After stepping on the start button he will quickly dash ahead of her, however he is quite slow so if you manage to get Amaterasu to her second running speed quickly you can easily pass him out. At the end of the race course there is a golden gate and the winner is whoever gets there first. If Tobi gets there first the gate will close and Amaterasu will either have to make her own way back to the start button or the ground will open up and she will fall in. She will be injured unless she can either stay airborne long enough for the floor to close again or if she makes her way to safe ground fast enough. If Amaterasu gets to the gate first Tobi will congratulate her and give her Yen, he will then move on to the next race. If she fails to beat him first time around he will race her as many times as she wants.

[edit] Yoshpet

This is not a race as such, but Amaterasu must follow either Kai or Issun around Yoshpet while making sure the time does not run out. Kai will guide Amaterasu around Outer Yoshpet and when she comes to the village of Ponc'tan Kai will return to Wep'keer. Amaterasu must then explore Ponc'tan before Issun will agree to guide her through Inner Yoshpet.

Each half of Yoshpet has three different sections and a time limit of five minutes per each half. Every different section has different obstacles such as Cursed Trees, poisonous plants, rolling snowballs, falling stalactites etc. There are time crystals to be found all around the forest and bringing up the Brush Pad does not stop time from passing although brush techniques are useful for removing some of the threats. If you run out of time you will be phased back to the place where you first entered that half of Yoshpet however Amaterasu will retain any damage she sustained in the race.

[edit] Optional Races

[edit] Ida

Ida is the express messenger of Shinshu Field. He can be raced after you restore the area's Guardian Sapling and give him a Traveller's Charm, after which you can race him by talking to him. In order to beat him you must catch up with him and headbutt him. After you beat him the first time, however, he will start laying traps that hurt Amaterasu and slow her down. After he is beaten three times he will give her the Gimmick Gear.

[edit] Hayate

Hayate is the brother of Ida, also a messenger who can be raced. You will need to defeat Blight to cure the illness that has immobilized him, but afterward he will race Amaterasu along Ryoshima Coast. He drops traps on his very first race and, like Ida, will give out Praise each time you beat him. When you beat him three times he will give you a Stray Bead.

[edit] Yoshpet

Amaterasu can simply explore Yoshpet while the time limit is in effect or race Kai through Outer Yoshpet for a Stray Bead.

Issun will again act as your guide for these races, but you are not expected to get to the other side. Instead you can look for Treasures and get extra Praise by Blooming Cursed Trees. Often the "wrong way path" (the path your guide did not take) contains Treasure Chests and even shortcuts.

Kai can be raced through Outer Yoshpet after clearing Wawku Shrine. If you beat him you are rewarded with a Stray Bead. There is a five minute time limit once again, but this time you must reach the exit before Kai as well. Kai often takes the long way around things, but be be careful to stay at top speed at all times, for she runs lightning fast.

[edit] Sidequests like Races

There are quite a few sidequests and portions of the game that are quite like racing minigames. These include:

  • Before you can speak to Hayabusa you must dig up all of Mushi's Mama's turnips. She will chase you around the turnip patch and try to hit you, if she succeeds you must start from the beginning.
  • Running away from Kokari after you have stolen the key to Tsuta Ruins off him. He will only chase you as far as the edge of the fishing island however.
  • To repair the bridge to Taka Pass in Agata Forest, Amaterasu must ride a runaway log down the river and try to secure it to the river banks before it plunges off a waterfall. The log must be secured with three Konohana Blossoms on both sides. This can be difficult with a lack of ink however successfully latching on a Blossom will restore some ink. If you do not secure it in time the minigame starts over again.
  • In order to reach Oni Island you must get from Queen Himiko's Palace to Watcher's Cape before Sunset. If you do not get there in time you will have to keep trying. Sunrise cannot be used to prolong time but the Peace Bell is useful from getting away from Demon Scrolls.
  • The Lilypad Ferry Service in Sei'an City is a sort of Racing Minigame. You must ferry the customer to their destination within a certain time frame. The faster you do it the more money and Praise you receive.
  • You must follow Hayazo around the Sei'an City in order to hit him with your Brush Techniques. This must be accomplished before sunrise. You can, however, prolong the night with Crescent.

[edit] Okamiden

There are two racing minigames in Okamiden. Both of them involve running away from an infuriated Witch Queen in the Demon Market. The first time, you must run away with Nanami through the streets of the Demon Market and are rescued by Kokari before the With Queen can catch up. The second time it is with Kurow where Chibiterasu is pushing him in a mine cart through a side scrolling course.

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