Lightening Ghost Raiden
LocationSei'an City

Raiden is a ghost who can be found at night in Sei'an City's Commoner's Quarter. He can be found beside the river outside Mr. Chic's shop. Mrs. Fan, Mr. Chic's wife, tells Amaterasu about him and how their customers doubt he really exists. However despite everyone's fears Raiden is actually peaceful and quite lonely as if Amaterasu talks to him he is very grateful for the company. We also find out that he died from being struck by lightening, which is the source of his electrical discharge. If Amaterasu uses Thunderstorm on him, he is happy to find a new use for his powers, although he is actually content with his new existence.


[edit] Appearance

His skin is blue in colour and he has a yellow thunderbolt coming from his head along with other electrical discharges coming from his body. We can tell he was middle aged when he died from the way his head is balding on the top. He wears a black kimono with thunderbolt designs and like all Japanese ghosts he has no legs but instead his body flows into ghostly tail. He has a white hitaikakushi on his head, this white triangle is tied on the head of a corpse at a Buddhist funeral to protect it from evil spirits.

[edit] Role in the plot

When you first talk to him it appears that he might be part of a side quest to make him feel at peace being a ghost, however we later find out that he enjoys being one even though it is lonely. However using Thunderbolt on him makes him feel temporarily happier. Talking to him will not reveal any information about events that are happening.
His only real function is to be a source of electricity in a racing Mini Game with Hayazo after Amaterasu returns from Oni Island.

[edit] Okamiden

Raiden makes a reappearance in Okamiden and he still can be found in Sei'an City. As the Playhouse is closed due to demonic possession, he shows Kagu and Chibiterasu the secret entrance in using the Spirit Floors that Kagu can see. Chibiterasu must later use him as a source of electricity to revive a fainted man. After this, Raiden passes on as he is happy and feels fulfilled after saving somebody's life.

[edit] Trivia

  • Raiden is the second and last human ghost you will meet in the game (Unless you count the ghost of Rao on the way to the "Evil Roa boss, who you do not actually talk to but need nevertheless). The first being Yatsu who you meet outside Gale Shrine, he is also the only ghost that you are required to meet to finish the game. The ghosts of Celestials can be found on the Ark of Yamato however they are not human.

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