Weakness(es)Cherry Bomb
Power Slash
Prayer Slips
Attack(s)Hand Slamming, Wind Gusts

Renjishi is a giant theatre puppet who is used by performers for their acts in Sei'an City's Playhouse. However he has become possessed by Sen and Ryo and he attacks Chibiterasu and Kagu. Only a Miko can banish his possessors. He is the final of three different boss fights in the Playhouse. He is later one of the bosses summoned to fight Chibiterasu in the Dark Realm. Kagu aids him in the fight, once again.


[edit] Battling Techniques

Sen and Ryo will possess Renjishi to attack Kagu and Chibiterasu together after they have been defeated separately. Renjishi is created by the combining of Sen and Ryo's initial puppets, The White Lion and The Red Lion. It attacks much like a graceful stage performer. Sen and Ryo will use him to summon gusts of wind and fire cogs at Chibiterasu which can be deflected with Power Slash.

They steal Kagu during the battle and place her on his shoulder. This is because Chibiterasu is not able to see the his weak points and invisible shield without her on his back. She must be rescued by Cherry Bombing his hands when they slam down. When both hands have been Cherry Bombed, he will slump over momentarily, Chibiterasu can then climb up his arms and rescue her. After this, his weak points will appear which must be joined up to finish him. As the fight progresses his weak points will become covered in ice and even a curse. In order to melt the ice to reveal the weak points, Chibiterasu must use his newly obtained Inferno Brush Technique. Kagu's Enchantment Slips must be used to rid the curse. If the weak points are not joined up before Renjishi recovers from being stunned, he will recover the health he lost since the previous stunning.

Towards the end of the game, Chibiterasu must battle Renjishi, along with the other bosses, again. The battle is similar to the first, except that now Galestorm can be used to deflect the gusts of wind Renjishi fires. The Secret Brush Technique, Inferno can also be obtained by this point and, when used on Renjishi's face and hands, will damage him greatly.

Concept Art

[edit] Bestiary Entry

"A gigantic puppet used by actors in their stage performances. It has the misfortune to become possessed by the spirits of Sen and Ryo. Its dance-like sweeping movements are actually dangerous to behold. Only a Miko has the power to bring this oversized contraption solace."

[edit] Origins

Renjishi is based on the Kabuki dance titled "Renjishi". It tells the story of a lion with his cub who was covered in white and red hair. The lion prides himself with his title of "King of the Animals" so he pushes his son into a deep ravine to train him and make him tough. Renjishi having his origins in this play is furthered by the fact he is coloured red and white and is formed by Sen's initial stage puppet, The White Lion, combining with Ryo's initial stage puppet, The Red Lion.

[edit] Trivia

  • Chibiterasu's Celestial Brush ink will turn a blue-ish grey when joining up Renjishi's weak points. It will go purple when purifying them.
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