Rolling Minigame

Rolling Minigame
Amaterasu rolling snowballs
TypeSide Quest
Notable LocationsAgata Forest
Wawku Shrine
Sunken Ship

Rolling Minigames are one of the many minigames that can be found in Nippon. Several of them can be found and they require Amaterasu to move a round object from one place to another. Some of them are needed to advance in the plot but most of them are only sidequests which reward her Praise, Stray Beads or even a Secret Brush Technique. They are quite simple to understand but are very time consuming due to not being able to control the object very well.
They are broken into two groups, spheres and barrels.

[edit] Spheres

Spheres can be moved by simply headbutting it in the direction you want it to roll. However the further you progress in the game the more difficult it becomes as the spheres get too dangerous to touch so you must blow them will Galestorm. Notable sphere rolling minigames are one in Agata Forest where you must push three different spheres to Sleepy the bear, puzzles in Wawku Shrine that involve using Galestorm on frozen balls of ice to open passages and a snowball rolling competition in the Snowball's Playground in Wep'keer.

[edit] Barrels

The Sunken Ship contains many barrels that need to be rolled to progress in the dungeon. She can move them by standing on top of it and walking in a direction. Only one barrel is required to be moved to progress in the game as it is needed to weigh down a balance. Other barrels include spiked one which must be rolled over the Greater Monster at the bottom of the ship to kill it.

[edit] Okamiden

Objects still need to be rolled to complete the game but there are no actual sidequests involving them.

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