Sage Shrine

Sage Shrine
Connects ToNorth Ryoshima Coast
Notable Inhabitant(s)Shikibu
Sentry Beasts
ItemsKnowing Orb
Issun's Masterpiece
Lucky Mallet

Sage Shrine a one time access only location exclusive to Okamiden. It is found deep under the ocean off of Ryoshima Coast but can only be reached by taking a trip on the Water Dragon as Queen Otohime wishes to keep its location a secret to prevent demonic attack. It is unique to Okamiden as the dungeon itself is tiny. Chibiterasu can only access it with Nanami by using the Lucky Mallet, which is conveniently located in a Treasure Chest behind some rocks at the back of the Shrine.

Chibiterasu must travel there to locate the Knowing Orb so that he can use it to obtain information on Akuro. However, in order to access Sage Shrine he must travel back to Ryoshima Coast 3 months in the past using Gen's time machine.

[edit] Access

The path to Sage Shrine

When Chibiterasu and Kurow first land on the Goryeo they are sent by the Captain to search the ship for his Conch Shell to summon Queen Otohime. After helping Otohime transform into the Water Dragon, she pairs her vassal, Nanami, with Chibiterasu, as Kurow is afraid of water, and sets off with them to find the entrance to the Shrine. The entrance is marked by a tall torii that sticks slightly up out of the water and reaches up from the very bottom of the sea floor. The water is dispelled using the Dry Jewel and the duo jump to the bottom of the sea. At the bottom, they are shocked to find out that the Shrine is tiny and cannot be accessed in their current forms. After they find the Lucky Mallet and entering the Shrine, they are greeted by a mandatory battle with a Water Nymph before they can plunge themselves into the cold water and travel along the path to the shrine.

The route to Sage Shrine consists of a sidescrolling segment through the ocean. Using the power of the Wet and Dry Jewels Chibiterasu can survive indefinitely under the water, however, the path contains many other dangers. If Chibiterasu is too slow, he can be killed instantly by the side scrolling screen catching up on him. There are also many Demons such as Wisps and Flame Jelly that can hurt him and slow him down. As well as these monsters, there is often boulders blocking Chibiterasu's path which must be Power Slashed to destroy them. There are also several paths he can take, some leading to Treasure Chests while the alternate path does not.

At the end of the side scrolling level, Chibiterasu must partake in an underwater battle with the Asteroidean before he can progress further.

[edit] Inside Sage Shrine

Sage Shrine has a simple layout. To the front there is the entrance, a Merchant and an Origin Mirror. There is then a doorway leading to an open courtyard. I the centre of this courtyard, the glowing rainbow coloured Knowing Orb sits in a fountain. Then coming off from the courtyard is the temple part of the Shrine.

When inside the Shrine, Chibiterasu and Nanami meet Shikibu, the Guardian of the Shrine, who has been cursed. Before she can be conversed with, the Water Nymph possessing her must be destroyed. She reveals to Chibiterasu and Nanami that the Knowing Orb has been tainted by evil, something that enrages her, causing her to scream and slap the floor to let off steam. Although she can purify the orb, she refuses to unless the duo help her purge the evil plaguing the Shrine. When they agree to help her, she purifies the Knowing Orb only to set free her literary creation, Genji who the orb has been brought into being as a spirit. Genji believes that he is irresistible and that all women adore him and want to be with him. Nanami is unwilling to dispel him initially because she thinks he is cute, he then takes advantage of this and hypnotises and kidnaps her. Chibiterasu must then follow him around the Shrine and uncover his hiding place. After finding him in four rooms, Nanami snaps out of the hypnotism and gives Genji an earful over his chauvinistic and rude behaviour and beats him to the point that he begs for Shikibu to rescue him. Shikibu is then forced to unwrite Genji as he even tries to seduce her after Nanami has given out to him over his behaviour. She says his creation was a disaster and he will never learn proper behaviour and will always be a womaniser before taking out her brush and simply making him disappear.

After this they finally get to use the Knowing Orb to find out about Akuro and his intentions. They then return to normal size and use the Wet Jewel to rise them back up to the surface of the sea. Nanami and Chibiterasu then swim back to the Goryeo.

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