Sasa Sanctuary

Sasa Sanctuary
Outside the Sanctuary
Connects ToTaka Pass
Notable Inhabitant(s)Sparrow Clan
Canine Warrior
ItemsWaterspout Brush Technique
Stray Beads
First Mermaid Coin

Sasa Sanctuary is a small area containing an inn, or Palace as the owners call it, and a lush bamboo forest at the back. The entrance to it is in the east of Taka Pass however Amaterasu must go below an arch to see it as it just appears to be a rock wall if she does not.

The inn is run by the Sparrow Clan who will not let Amaterasu enter until she returns their lost "Princess" Chun to them, however once she does this they will open their gates and are very hospitable to their guests.

Amaterasu learns the Brush Technique Waterspout here after she helps to restart their spring, it is also where she obtains her first Mermaid Coin.

The Brush Techniques opens up the path to the bamboo forest at the back. This is were Amaterasu meets a Canine Warrior with Tei the Crybaby and helps Kaguya with a Digging Mini Game later on in the storyline so she can return home. Komuso can be found in one of the rooms but he will not challenge Amaterasu.

[edit] Origins

The name comes from Sasa, a type of bamboo, which is very fitting for the Sanctuary's lush bamboo vegetation. It was the leaves of this bamboo that were used by Ame-no-uzume-no-mikoto in a dance to entice Amaterasu out of the cave she entered after Susano-o wreaked havoc on her heavenly plain.

The Sanctuary itself seems to be based off the Japanese legend "Shita-kiri Suzume" or "Tongue Cut Sparrow" in English. In this story an old man nurses a sparrow back to health. However, after his mean wife cuts its tongue out for eating their food, the sparrow flies off to the mountains. The old man goes searching for the sparrow and is lead, by other sparrows, to a bamboo grove. There he finds a sanctuary run by the sparrows and they treat him well by performing for him and making him meals. In the end they present him with two baskets and being just an old man he picks the smaller one. However, upon returning home he finds it is full of treasure. His greedy wife, upon returning to the sanctuary to steal the larger basket, finds it full of monsters.

A chest from Sasa Sanctuary

This reference is furthered by the fact Amaterasu will be rewarded with many treasure chests for returning Chun. Also a hunter can be found in one of the rooms. He will mention that he rescued and nursed a sparrow back to health many years ago and that the special treatment he is now receiving must be a reward for it.

[edit] Trivia

  • Sasa Sanctuary bares a striking resemblance to the Dragon Palace, both from the outwards appearance and inside layout. According to the Official Okami Artbook, this is because certain area designs were reused to save on developing time.
  • The style of Treasure Chests found in Sasa Sanctuary are exclusive to it. They are designed as ornate red boxes featuring a crest. Sasa Sanctuary also has a lot of food that is exclusive to it.
  • The Hot Spring is the only area of water Amaterasu can swim in without eventually drowning.

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