The White Lion

Together with Ryo, Sen is responsible for possessing the mechanical stage puppet Renjishi in Sei'an City's Playhouse in Okamiden.

Sen is a large bird, perhaps a crane, who wears a Kimono that merges into his wings. He is the accumulation of all the wants and desires of failed actors over the years. He dances give focus to those who yearn for it however he has no time for those who are not interested in his dancing. His dances, however, steal people's souls. For this reason, nobody really knows if he is talented.

[edit] Fight

In order to lure both Sen and Ryo out for battle, Chibiterasu and Kagu must complete a few tasks. First they have to free four stage hands from demonic possession which sets the stage for their battle. They must then rescue characters who are being held captive in the Playhouse so they can be the audience to the battle.

First Sen will be fought on his own and he will possess a stage puppet, The White Lion. After he and Ryo are defeated on their own, they will team up to fight Chibiterasu and Kagu together by possessing Renjishi. Renjishi is created by the combining of Sen and Ryo's initial puppets, The White Lion and The Red Lion.

They will use Renjishi to summon gusts of wind and fire cogs at Chibiterasu which can be deflected with Power Slash. They steal Kagu during the battle and place her on Renjishi's shoulder. This is because Chibiterasu is not able to see the puppet's weak points and invisible shield without her on his back. She must be rescued by Cherry Bombing the puppets' hands when they slam down. When both hands have been Cherry Bombed, he will slump over momentarily, Chibiterasu can then climb up his arms and rescue her. After this, his weak points will appear which must be joined up to finish him. As the fight progresses his weak points will become covered in ice and even a curse. In order to melt the ice to reveal the weak points, Chibiterasu must use his newly obtained Inferno Brush Technique. Kagu's Enchantment Slips must be used to rid the curse. If the weak points are not joined up before Renjishi recovers from being stunned, he will recover the health he lost since the previous stunning.

[edit] Bestiary Entry

"This demon is the sum of all the desires of failed actors through the years. He gives focus to those yearnings in a dance of his own devising. He has no use for those who don't appreciate his terpsichorean efforts. However, his dance steals people's souls, so no one knows if he is talented."

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