Serpent Crystal

Serpent Crystal
TypeUnobtainable Key Item
LocationGale Shrine

The Serpent Crystal is an item used for breaking the barrier to Moon Cave. It is found in Gale Shrine. Not much is known about its origins or how it is related to the Orochi. It is guarded by the Crimson Helm in order to prevent the death of the current Orochi as he was created out of the True Orochi's demise.

The Serpent Crystal is first mentioned by Waka. Issun convinces Amaterasu to search for it and find it first as he misguidedly believes Waka will use it for evil. Although the duo kill the Crimson Helm, Waka appears and takes it before they have the chance. He then travels to Moon Shrine where Amaterasu and Issun can meet him. The Serpent Crystal appears to be a one use item, as after Waka makes it absorb the barrier, it disappears and the barrier returns once Amaterasu and Issun step over the threshold to the Cave.

It is shaped like a big purple berry, with each part of the cluster having the symbol for a different Orochi head on it.

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