Seven Strike

Seven Strike
Seven Strike.jpg
Amaterasu and Seven Strike
ObtainedOkami: Bought in Oni Island or Sei'an City
Cost100,000 Yen

Seven Strike is a second tier Glaive. It can be bought from the weapons Merchant in Sei'an City or an Imp Merchant on Oni Island. It grants Amaterasu the power of Ink Bullets and when it is used to attack it uses a dashing uppercut move.
Seven Strike is a flaming red colour and it has six prongs in the blade. The prongs ripple like flames when it is equipped.

[edit] Weapons Entry

"Glaive whose edge is divided into seven parts. Grants Ink Bullet power."

[edit] Trivia

  • A nine pointed version of Seven Strike also appears several times in the game. Ninetails has a dark version called Ninestrike, it can be summoned randomly by Lechku and Nechku and Yami's third form can also wield it.
  • A version of it can be found in the Moon Tribe Ruins in Okamiden. It seems to be modelled off of Ninetails's copy as its purpose is to conduct electricity.
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