LocationSage Shrine
FamilyCreation: Genji

Shikibu unwriting Genji

Shikibu is a character from Okamiden and the Guardian is Sage Shrine. She is also a master writer and tried, unsuccessfully, to create the perfect man, with her creation being Genji. As she lives in Sage Shrine, she is naturally of minuscule proportions. Because of her isolated location, she gets lonely regularly and takes it out by screaming.

Shikibu is one of the original inhabitants of the sea, so she is possibly a Draconian, however her real origins are not known. She has a short temper and easily flies off the handle such as when she screams and smacks the floor to let off steam when she finds the Knowing Orb has been tinted by evil. Her hat is made from the head of an angler fish and the lure, although normally yellow, grows red when she is enraged.

Chibiterasu first travels to Sage Shrine with Nanami, so they can learn how to use the Knowing Orb. Although she can purify the orb, she refuses to unless the duo help her purge the evil plaguing the Shrine. When they agree to help her, she purifies the Knowing Orb only to set free her literary creation, Genji who the orb has been brought into being as a spirit. Geni hypnotizes Nanami with his charms and kidnaps her as Nanami initially thought him too cute to banisj. When she is finally freed, Shikibu is forced to unwrite Genji as he will always be a womaniser and will never learn how to properly treat women.

[edit] Based On

Shikibu is based on the Japanese noble woman and author, Murasaki Shikibu. The real life Shikibu is best know for her novel The Tale of Genji, which is the earliest novel in history. This novel is also the story that Genji is based on.

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