Shiranui's Okamiden Artwork
GenderMale (English Game Versions)
RaceBrush God
LocationKamiki Village
Ice Room
Celestial Plain
FamilyIncarnation: Amaterasu
Grandson: Chibiterasu

Shiranui is the wolf that saved Kamiki Village from the Orochi 100 years ago. She is Amaterasu's previous incarnation, thus she is a more powerful version of Amaterasu and only with the faith of the people can Amaterasu hope to one day regain this power.
Her signature weapon is Solar Flare and her Celestial Envoy is Ishaku .


[edit] History

Every year at the same time the Orochi would choose his sacrifice, Shiranui would appear. The villagers named her Shiranui for her pure white coat, however they believed her to be the Orochi's familiar. Not wanting any more tragedy to befall the village, Nagi tried to fight her but Shiranui would use her grace and agility to escape from him.

One year, Nagi's love interest Nami was chosen to be the Orochi's sacrifice but Nagi did not want to see the woman he loved killed. Nagi dressed up like a sacrificial maiden in the hopes of entering the Orochi's cavern. However Nagi was unable to defeat the Orochi as he was covered in rock hard armour. Nagi sustained massive damage but before he could die Shiranui appeared and fought the Orochi for him.

Shiranui faired no better in the fight. Shiranui was brutally injured by the Orochi's poison, however just as he was about to deal the final blow, Shiranui howled at the moon (Crescent). The appearance of the moon gave Nagi a new lease on life and he was able to defeat the Orochi once and for all by sealing him in his sword Tsukuyomi. Nagi realised that the wolf that saved him and the whole village was dying, he carried her back to the village where she died peacefully. The villagers then erected a statue in her honour, the very statue that Amaterasu was revived from.

[edit] Role in the plot

The Death of Shiranui

Amaterasu heads back through the Spirit Gate to aid Nagi in fighting the Orochi, she is mistaken for Shiranui during this time. Just as Nagi is about to be crushed by a falling boulder Shiranui appears and pushes him out of the way, Amaterasu in turn saves Shiranui from being hit by that very boulder. After the Orochi's defeat Amaterasu must attack Lechku and Nechku, during this battle Shiranui appears and helps her battle them. However Shiranui is mortally wounded in this fight and after the Twin Demons have been defeated she returns to the past to die from her wounds. This is completely different from the legend that says the Orochi killed her.

During Amaterasu's final fight with Yami, Issun gathers up enough people's faith in the God's to restore Amaterasu back to her true power and form. She then takes up the appearance of Shiranui.

[edit] Gender Disputes

In the original PlayStation Version, Shiranui remains genderless. However as Amaterasu is based off the Shinto Sun Goddess and Shiranui is a past incarnation of Amaterasu, it is said that Shiranui is a girl. However in the Wii version Shiranui is said to be a boy even though Amaterasu is referred to as a girl by other characters. This causes a lot of confusion with fans choosing to call them what they want to. Shiranui, being a god, is actually genderless but like Chibiterasu is usually referred to as a boy. In Okamiden, Shiranui is referred to as a boy, but only in the English version. If Shiranui is the past life of Amaterasu, perhaps Shiranui's spirit was transfered, but to a completely different body, thus the difference in genders is plausible.

In Okamiden, Shiranui is specifically referred to as being male.

Shiranui as painted by Ishaku

[edit] Okamiden

Shiranui makes a reappearance in Okamiden. Chibiterasu first meets him frozen in a block of ice when he travels 100 years back into the past. However, it is not till until Manpuku and Chibiterasu defeat Mizuchi that they will find him. Shiranui has been greatly weakened due to being trapped, leading to him reluctantly allowing Chibiterasu to carry on to Moon Cave while he recovers with Ishaku.

Shiranui saves Nagi's life, again, in Okamiden. Although he has sustained major wounds in the fight with the Orochi, he throws himself in front of a boulder flung at Nagi by the Orochi. Kurow and Chibiterasu then travel back to Kamiki Village with Ishaku, Nagi and the badly injured Shiranui. However, Akuro reappears and demands that they return to Moon Cave to fight him. He summons a giant meteor aimed at Chibiterasu, Nagi, Nami, Ishaku, Mr. Grapefruit and Shiranui. Shiranui then dives in front of the meteor, sacrificing himself to save them all. He shares a touching moment with Chibiterasu before passing on.

[edit] Trivia

  • Amaterasu also gains Shiranui's appearance briefly whenever she gains a new Weapon after defeating a boss and each time she regains a brush technique in the battle with Yami. Unlike the Karmic Transformer, she also has energy radiating out of her much like Shiranui always does.
  • Shiranui's ink is golden.

[edit] Gallery

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