Snake Sash

Snake Sash
First EncounterAgata Forest
WeaknessesPower Slash
Attack(s)Dive Bomb, Dig Attack, Wrap Attack
Floral FinisherThunderstorm

Snake Sash is a new enemy that appears in Okamiden. According to legend, Snake Sash came into being when a tree, that a samurai used for sword practise, split into pieces and became evil. Each piece of its broken body is now a weapon which is uses for revenge.

It will drop a Lightening Crystal in the Arena when it's Floral Finisher is used.

[edit] Bestiary Entry

"Snake Sash, a samurai used a bamboo tree for sword practice, and those pieces became this beast of segmented evil. Now each jagged piece of its body is a weapon, and it will have its revenge on anyone who crosses its path."

[edit] Fighting Technique

When in the sky, it shrouds itself in a curse that protects it from any damage so it must be knocked from the sky. Snake Sash will try to attack Chibiterasu by firing swords at him. These swords can be deflected back at it with Power Slash to stun it. Another sword technique it has, is an attack where it spins its swords around the arena, however Power Slash can still be used. It can also dig underneath the ground and launch itself up at Chibiterasu to attack. When on the ground, it can use a wrap attack to trap and hurt Chibiterasu as well as attacking my throwing itself at Chibiterasu. Galestorm can also be used to knock it out of the sky.

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