Spark Beast

Spark Beast
First EncounterShinshu Field 100 years ago
Attack(s)Thunder Blast
Flying Swoop

Spark Beast is a new enemy found in Okamiden. It is part of a trio of elemental horselike beasts.

It is supposedly responsible for the thunderstorms raging over Kamiki Village that resulting in Konohana being destroyed. However, it is not encountered as an enemy until Shinshu Field 100 years in the past.

[edit] Strategy

It attacks by lashing out with its hooves which summons a blast of its electrical power. It can use the wheels on its shoulder to fly through the air. However, using Galestorm will cause it to fall from the sky, momentarily stunned. If it is not knocked out of the air in time, it will make a swooping charge at Chibiterasu. It is invulnerable to attack unless Chibiterasu uses Galestorm to blow its electrical covering away.

[edit] Bestiary Entry

"It is said that this creature was formed from lightning bolts caused by the storm clouds over cursed zones in Nippon. The lightning bolt that damaged Konohana and Sakuya in Kamiki Village was said to have been created by this Beast. The story goes that those who try to fight it with conventional weapons are burned to a crisp."

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