Spider Queen

Spider Queen
Location(s)Tsuta Ruins
Ark of Yamato
Power Slash
Attack(s)Body Slam, Charge Attack, Bomb, Poison Attack
Reward(s)Snarling Beast

The Spider Queen is the Boss of Tsuta Ruins, Amaterasu falls into her trap after using Vine on some Konohana Blossoms. As Amaterasu meets her so early in the game, she is an easier boss. Slightly stronger enemies appear later on in the game that share a resemblance to her, these are known as Bandit Spiders.


[edit] Attacks

The Spider Queen has quite a few attacks. She will try to created an egg of energy that she can throw at Amaterasu, however, using Power Slash on the egg will destroy it and leave her stunned at the same time. She also has a simple charge attack were she will run at Amaterasubut this can easily be dodged. Her final two attacks involve spitting silk. She will simply try to spit damaging silk at Amaterasu but in another attack she will aim silk at the ceiling and climb up it. Amterasu should quickly Power Slash the silk which will make her fall to the ground but if Amaterasu does not do this she will jump to the ground which will cause a massive damage dealing shock wave. This can be dodged by jumping.
However despite all this she is quite easy to attack. Her outer body is invulnerable to attacks so Amaterasu needs to attack her core. She can do this by using Vine on the floating Konohana Blossoms near her. She has barbs on her abdomen that can be attached to the vines. After two vines have been attached her abdomen will open like a bud, revealing 8 eyeballs that are her weak points. Amaterasu can attack and kill each eyeball to damage her. This is better done from afar using Power Slash or Amaterasu can climb on top of her and attack them using her Divine Instrument. If Amaterasu chooses the latter she should watch out if her abdomen begins to shake. This means that the Spider Queen is going to get back up again and if Amaterasu does not get out in time she will close up on her and shoot her out. This causes a lot of damage.
Amaterasu needs carry out this technique until the last eyeball dies, she will then be defeated.

[edit] Based On

The Spider is based on the Jorōgumo, a creature from Japanese folklore. Although there are many tales about this creature they all have the same basic story. The Jorōgumo is a spider that is able to take the form of a beautiful woman who uses her looks to seduce a man. When the man has bee seduced the Jorōgumo then traps and eats him.

[edit] Trivia

  • A ghostly but harmless version of the Spider Queen's head appears in the Sunken Ship.
  • Upon defeating her you will be rewarded with the Divine instrument Snarling Beast, which is second tier Reflector
  • According to the artbook, the Spider Queen has a human form. However, it is never seen in game.
  • The Holy Smoke will dissolve if the Celestial Brush is places over her abdomen.
  • She can be re-fought in the Ark of Yamato despite the fact her essence is never seen leaving her body and flying towards Kamui.
  • In the original japanese version of Okami, the Spider Queen was known as the Geisha Spider
  • She is similar to the Other Mother in the 2009 film Coraline.

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