These Spiders do not really attack as such but instead they are there to hamper Amaterasu's journey through a dungeon. If she touches one she will take some damage but they do not set out to hurt her. There are three different spiders in total, blocking spiders, platform spiders and flame spiders and each one serves a different purpose. Amaterasu cannot kill any of them, only stun them.


[edit] Blocking Spiders

Amaterasu first meets these when she shrinks down to explore The Emperor's Palace. They hang above doorways and will sometimes drop down when Amaterasu gets too near, so she needs to run by them to avoid damage. However the further she goes into the dungeon the more vicious the spiders get so she cannot pass by them until she slows down time using Veil of Mist.

[edit] Platform Spiders

Platform Spiders serve as a means for Amaterasu to pass over gaps. There will not hurt her as all they do is go back and forth from one place to another. However if she stays on their back too long they will toss her off. These are first found when exploring The Emperor's Palace.

[edit] Flame Spiders

Flame Spiders are first found in Wawku Shrine. They act just like blocking spiders and platform spiders except that they are covered in flames. These will burn Amaterasu if she touches them so she needs to freeze them with Blizzard before she can use one as a ledge or get past a door. They will eventually unfreeze themselves but Amaterasu can use a frozen one as an ice source to freeze more or even refreeze it.

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