Spirit Orbs

Spirit Orbs
Obtained FromThunders Music Mini-game
Yakushi Village
Obtainable InOkamiden

Spirit Orbs are items from Okamiden and are a fundamental part of the Thunders Music Minigame. They show Chibiterasu's love for music.

The Thunders will play their instruments, causing music notes to be produced, randomly, from a big pit in the middle of the ground. Chibiterasu must Power Slash them before they disappear. If enough are Power Slashed a Spirit Orb will be produced, which he needs to run over and collect. The amount of Spirit Orbs collected will be shown on the right hand side of the screen. However, if Chibiterasu allows a note to disappear off the screen, an orb will be lost. Eventually the game will finish but Chibiterasu will loose if he runs out of Spirit Orbs.

They have no more purpose in the game and will disappear afterwards.

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