RaceMoon Tribe
LocationGrave: North Ryoshima Coast

Sugawara is a character introduced in Okamiden. He was a member of the Moon Tribe who was one of the few who escaped the mysterious disaster that wiped out the rest of his people. He arrived in Sei'an City, in an unknown manner, and became a famous politician. However, he died bitter and angry due to years of political fighting and betrayal from the citizens he devoted his life to help.

However his spirit does not rest peacefully during the events of Okamiden. His body becomes possessed by Akuro, because of the hatred that radiated from it, and becomes King Fury. It is only when King Fury is defeated, that his spirit can rest and pass on.

His grave can be found in North Ryoshima Coast. However it has been badly damaged by the natural disasters caused by the returning evil. However, later in the game, Kurow and the Lady Scholar restore it to its former glory.

[edit] Trivia

  • Although members of the Moon Tribe have very long lifespans, Waka being over 200 years old himself, his death shows that they can indeed die from old age.
His grave in Okamiden
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