Sun Fragments

Sun Fragment
TypeHealth Upgrade
Obtained FromTreasure Chests
Obtainable InOkami

Sun Fragments are special stones found all over Nippon. When three are collected Amaterasu will gain an extra Solar Orb of health. There are fifteen dotted around the lands so this means and extra five solar orbs of health can be obtained.


[edit] Locations

Below is a list of where to find the Sun Fragments and how to get them:

[edit] Hana Valley

Bloom all of the trees there, including the Cursed Trees and one will appear in the wall mural.

[edit] Kamiki Village

Use Water Lily to get to the island at the back of Susano's house.

[edit] Gale Shrine

Found on a ledge above the stairs at the very top of the windmill.

[edit] Kusa Village

Use Galestorm on banners to reach the highest ledge in the village.

[edit] Taka Pass

Use Galestorm to blow away a pile of leaves, the complete Bingo's Digging Mini Game.

[edit] Ryoshima Coast

Defeat the Bandit Spider.

[edit] Sunken Ship

Found in the Treasure Room at the top of the ship.

[edit] Sei'an City

Climb up to the second level of the armored building in the commoner's quarter and jump down to a chest.

[edit] North Ryoshima Coast

Defeat the Bandit Spider.

[edit] Catcall Tower

Jump to a ledge above the cat statue at the very top of the tower.

[edit] Kamui

Defeat the Bandit Spider.

[edit] Wep'keer

Found hidden on the frozen waterfall.

[edit] Yoshpet

Found buried at the end of the third "wrong way" path in the inner route.

[edit] Ezofuji

Vine to a ledge near Tuskle's house.

[edit] Wawku Shrine

Defeat Lechku and Nechku.

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