Taka Pass

Taka Pass
Revived Taka Pass
TypeHub Area
Connects ToKusa Village
City Checkpoint
Agata Forest
Sasa Sanctuary
Notable Inhabitant(s)Mr. & Mrs. Cutter
Crow Tengu
Dead Fish
ItemsStray Beads
Golden Teacup
Golden Mushroom
Sun Fragment

Taka Pass is one of the hub area in Okami and it is opened up after you make a new bridge link to it in Agata Forest. It's Guardian Sapling is found on a ledge high above the rest of the area and it must be revived before you can explore the area more. After you learn a new digging Dojo Technique you can visit a Divine Spring.
It is a very hilly area filled with rocky outcrops and elevated plateaus.

[edit] Locations

Being a hub area it is connected to lots of other places, these being Kusa Village, Agata Forest, Sasa Sanctuary and City Checkpoint.
It also has a few human settlements such as Mr. & Mrs. Cutter's House, a teahouse and even a family of Moles. It also has a few people roaming around it that appear to not have a house there such as a woman outside the area's Mermaid Spring and a man examining a suspicious piece of wall.

[edit] Side Quests

Along with reviving various Cherry Blossoms for Praise, Taka Pass also has a few sidequests. These include:

  • After getting back the teacup you can still play the tackling mini gaame with the moles, however the leader will only give out Treasure when hit.
  • There is a digging mini game with Bingo the Treasure hunter. Helping him find the treasure will earn you a Sun Fragment.

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